Have you always been a water lover? We are guessing that, as a kid you were always the member of the family that yearned for the beach. You desperately wanted every holiday to be on the coastline so you could be as happy as could be on the beach collecting shells, prodding washed-up jellyfish with a stick and fearlessly wading in the salty sea which temperature was usually that of freezing no matter how hot the sun was bearing down overhead. Well now you are older and getting married but no matter how much you may deny or bury it, you still love the seaside in the same wide-eyed excitement as you did when you were 8.

We here at the cheap limo hire company know this is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact it is something to be truly embraced as we think you should keep that air of child-like innocence around you even if you really don’t seem that angelic nowadays, you know what we’re talking about so no need to go red-faced. Therefore, may we suggest a fantastic addition to your Stag proceedings in the form of Scuba diving limo hire? Indeed, this activity is one of the fastest growing options that a Stag party limo hire undertakes especially when there are many marine lovers in the group. It is an activity that is fast on the heels on fishing in the terms of popularity and is definitely one that should be chalked up on the weekend’s itinerary. Contrary to popular belief there are many exclusive scuba hotspots around the UK in such coastlines as Cornwall, Plymouth, Bournemouth and Poole. So, don’t delay in finding out why you should proverbially ‘baptise that Stag’ in England’s hallowed waters and be thrown into the world of scuba diving limo hire.

Limo Hire Scuba Diving

On the day you’ll receive expert tuition from some of the country’s experts on this activity which is worth the price of the experience itself. You will all be allocated a buddy as you submerge yourself into the deep so you don’t have to go it alone and share the memories with your fellow Stag members. Additionally you get the undulated feeling of being able to breathe comfortably underwater. This feeling may freak you out somewhat as you get used to it but you soon overcome that and it becomes second nature to you. One of the strangest things you will have to do on the day, apart from being up close and personal with the vivid marine life is that you have to spit in your mask before you go into the sea to stop it misting up; strange no?

So why not let us take you in style to one of the amazing scuba spots in the country in the comfort of a black or white limo which just screams prestige to you and makes you feel like a VIP. If you need a bigger vehicle we have Hummer limos hire, Limo Jeeps and the hallowed Party Bus limo hire at your disposal to give the Stag weekend the party treatment it thoroughly deserves. So, book with us here at cheap limo hire for a one-of-a-kind Stag night.

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