You have thoroughly enjoyed your childhood in limo hire Northampton. Growing up here has been a lot of fun. People may give bad press about this town, saying it is not as good as some of the nearby cities are that is antiquated but you don’t listen to them at all. You love your market town and you love the fact you are born and bred there. So, if someone bad mouths Northampton, you are normally always the first to put them in their place. It is with that you have sadly come to the end of your school life and may be moving onto pastures new. You could be attended Northampton College or might be moving away due to your parents getting a new house, whatever the circumstances, it is a bittersweet time of your life.

So now it is time for your school prom, and if you live in the quaint little village of Bugbrooke, it is time to bid farewell to a selection of your school friends who may not be going the same higher education establishment as you, if any, for the last time. But before you let that thought depress you it’s time to start planning to give everybody the send off that they would love to have. This is where you need to use your son or daughterly superpowers on your collective group of parents as you will severely want what we are about to suggest to you.

School Prom Northampton Limo Hire

Just imagine the possibility, if you will, of you and your chosen few school mates, taking an hour long cruise of Northampton in a black Hummer limousine hire vehicle before dropping you off at the school prom limo hire venue like a bunch of VIPs. There, that’s got your mind whirring hasn’t it? Envisage the look on everyone’s faces; even the school bullies and copouts as you are you friends make an entrance which will make them turn a lovely shade of envious green. This is something that will even provide a talking point for your teachers, might even get them to shut up for once.

Of course, we know that you would to know what else you can get your mitts on inside the limousine hire car. Well, there will be alcohol free bubbly in copious amounts on hand for you lot to guzzle down. Sorry guys, no real stuff, but the alcohol-free stuff is just as good believe us. You can then stick on your favourite CDs on one that you have mixed yourself and play it through our stellar quality speaker system. You can also utilise our amazing TV and DVD setup we have installed and watch your favourite classic teen movies from the comfort of your own limousine hire car.

So, whether you are from Campion school, Wrenn School or at any other secondary education facility from the grand town of limo hire Northampton, don’t delay in getting your parents to book a pink, black or white 8-seater limousine hire car today to give you and the friends the send off that you deserve.

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