First of all, may we congratulate you on doing so very well in your exams. You know, people say that exams are getting easier and you will almost always catch your parents saying something along the lines of: “In my day, we had it so much harder than you in school!” However, you know better and you know that your GCSEs were no walk in the park by any means. But now that they are done it is time for something that might be a touch sensitive for some people that you know to do. And that is saying goodbye to some childhood acquaintances at your school prom limo hire.

Yes indeed, you are all about to enjoy a slice of Americana as your school is about to put on a big extravaganza of a party to all of its students. Although you may have considered your teachers to be the enemy whilst a school, you have come to realise that they are not that bad and they really haven’t done a bad job, well as far as you are concerned. However, whether you are from Bishop Ullathorne, Blue Coat Secondary School or Barr’s Hill School and Community College, you will be no doubt getting into the vast swing of preparation for this massive school prom limo hire leaving party.

School Prom Coventry Limo Hire

However, may we offer a piece of advice that might send you scrambling in your droves to you parents trying to curry their favour and getting them to agree with you? And that is by ordering a pink, white or black 8-seater limo hire vehicle in the form of a Lincoln Town car to transport you and your closest friends safely and securely to the Coventry school prom limo hire in good time and in high spirits. Let us tempt and tantalise you a bit further with what we have in store for you inside. We have complimentary alcohol free champagne waiting to grace you on your arrival as you embark our limousines. Sorry guys, no actual champagne though as you are underage. It’s the rules. From there on in you can play around with the DVD and TV system set up and whack on your favourite teen movies to watch as you cruise around Coventry city centre. If that wasn’t enough, feel free to utilise our phenomenal speaker system that we have in place in all of our limousine hire vehicle. Furthermore, you can book our Party Buses limo hire which will allow you and your school friends to actually stand up and dance inside of it.

However you decide to spend your actual School Prom limo hire please come to us at cheap limo hire and let us arrange all that there is to arrange on the transport side of things because we believe that quality matters. Book with cheap limo hire today!

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