Rugby is an incredibly historic town – not only is there the ancient sport which is named after the town, but there is a number of illustrious schools, primarily Rugby School but also other long-running top schools such as Lawrence Sheriff. The town itself is brimming with history, both ancient and modern (as well as everything else in between) and has been a bustling centre for history to evolve over thousands of years.

Part of the modern end of the history scale, not just in Rugby but all over Britain, is the now vintage car industry. Between the 1920s and the 1960s, luxury car makers such as Daimler, Rolls Royce, Bentley and many more made some of the finest cars in the world – with some very exclusive price tags! Even today, their age doesn't make them any cheaper to buy – their vintage status in fact makes them even more desirable, with some vintage cars fetching many times their original pricetag.

But thanks to our Rugby vintage car hire services here at Lux Limo, you don't have to worry about getting into a bidding war with a billionaire at a Bonham's auction; we can offer you a super Rugby vintage Rolls Royce hire or vintage Bentley hire in Rugby package at an astonishingly low price. Here at Lux Limo we are known for offering some of the cheapest limo hire and vintage car hire prices not just in Rugby, but all over the UK, so whether you're based right in the centre of Rugby or anywhere outside, we can offer you a great cheap vintage Rolls Royce hire in Rugby or cheap vintage Bentley hire in Rugby for a whole host of occasions.

One of the most popular reasons for hiring a vintage Rolls Royce or vintage Bentley in Rugby is for a very special, beautiful wedding day. Nothing make a traditional wedding more perfect than an entrance in an amazing, elegantly decorated true vintage Rolls Royce or Bentley in Rugby. Fitting in perfectly with the small-town churches that Rugby has to offer, in truly picturesque settings, our Rugby vintage Rolls Royce hire or vintage Bentley hire in Rugby services will only complete the package and make it beyond perfection.

Imagine rolling up to your wedding venue in Rugby in an amazing vintage Rolls Royce Silver Shadow hire car – elegantly adorned in beautiful wedding ribbons and bows, courtesy of our vintage wedding car hire services in Rugby here at Lux Limo, our vintage Rolls Royce Silver Shadow wedding hire car will make the perfect piece of transportation both for your wedding entrance at your venue, and luxury transport after you are legally married on to your wedding reception venue, or perhaps where you might be going for pictures with your Rugby wedding photographer.

So whatever your reasons for wanting to hire a vintage Rolls Royce, vintage Bentley or other luxury vintage car in Rugby, then we here at Lux Limo have some great options available through our established company – and some great Rugby vintage car hire packages that will make whatever special occasion you are celebrating that bit more special and unforgettable. Call us today – it's free, and you'll get an instant, personalised quote completely free of charge and with no obligation!

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