So ladies, you are fortunate enough to have obtained some tickets for one of the most prestigious racing festivals ever to grace not just our green and pleasant land but maybe even the entire world. Yes, finally you are going to grace the most important and impressive date on the racing calendar. So now you have some very important choices to make. As you know Royal Ascot has a very strict code of dress and conducts that everyone must adhere to or risk getting ejected from the venue. The staff and regular punters that go there are proud of their distinct class and noble surroundings at Royal Ascot limo hire and do not want this slice of quintessential Britain to be ruined so you must be on your best behaviour.

To ensure this you must follow a number of your own personal rules; one is that you must not let alcohol get the better of you and prevent it from altering your personality to one that is unbecoming. It can be understandable that you have drunk a few glasses of champagne to calm your nerves due to being in such an elite environment. Being visibly addled by drink may also cause your ejection from the venue

The most important thing about Royal Ascot is the dress code. It is definitely one thing that is stringently regimented. But this is done for good cause, for if they begin to let standards slip then they will let limo hire Royal Ascot degenerate, and what would be the point in that? The aim is to preserve everything that has been associated with this fantastic horse racing meeting.

  Royal Ascot Hat Choice Limo Hire

It is here that we at the cheap limo hire company, the home of great advice for every occasion and the bringers of cheap limo hire, address our most important point for you ladies, and that is your hats. This is your chance to express yourself to the full extent on Ladies Day at Royal Ascot limo hire. Think of it as a bit of friendly competition with your fellow ladies on the day. So what makes the best hat to wear at Royal Asco limo hiret?

Firstly it has to be said the bigger the better. Who can appreciate a tiny hat stuck to the side of your head? The mood for the day is flamboyance and you are free to express yourselves as if you were a bunch of strutting peacocks. Secondly, chose vibrant and rich colours for your hat design. Who in their right mind would appreciate a dull beige looking number on the top of your head? You have to catch the viewer’s eye and draw them to the headwear that you have adorned on you. Furthermore, be very creative and original with your design. People are looking for new and different things in an Ascot hat so the more avant-garde your hat is; the more it will get noticed.

So, choose our limo hire company and go to Royal Ascot limo hire in style where, in our interior, you can also thoroughly protect your hat as well.

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