Gentlemen and ladies, it is the cheap limo hire’s firm and privileged honour to make the announcement that Royal Ascot is fast approaching on our heels again. It is undoubtedly our favourite time of the year, and favourite racing meeting of the year because it just has the uncanny ability to bring out the best in people. As well as having some classic races being run on the day, us British embrace our heritage and culture and really try to outdo each other by donning our best clothes, hats and smiles and thronging to the races with great aplomb in a manner in which only we know how.

However, before you rush headlong to the venue with all haste, maybe you would like to just have a look at a little checklist that Royal Ascot limo hire has set out for you as a failsafe way to be ready for this most wonderful time of the year. Once again we wish to show you that we are more than just a fantastic quality cheap limo hire company, and more like a vast wealth of knowledge of which you can gain a whole myriad of fine tips to make your Royal Ascot limo hireday go without a hitch.

 Royal Ascot Checklist Limo Hire

First on your list should be the dress code. As you know by now, limo hire Royal Ascot is a very strict affair and both the ladies and the gentlemen must adhere to a strict set of clothing rules and regulations. So, for the guys, you must wear a full morning suit complete with a top hat. There is no room to budge on this as if you refuse to follow this code you will, in all great probability, get ejected with all due force, from the venue. So please, go out and buy one or, if you are only going to wear it at Royal Ascot, perhaps contact a formal dress hire company and loan them out for your visit. Ladies must wear dresses that do not expose their shoulders and midriffs and must, with all vigour, wear hats of the most flamboyant and complimentary nature.

Another thing to chalk down for the day is a firm knowledge of racing form, the race list of the day, and the form of the betting. What you definitely don’t want to happen when you go there is to be left lost for words by being ousted as not having any racing know-how at all and the inability to make suitable racing conversation and suitable and strategic bets. So why not conduct the internet for a quick tutorial before hand so you don’t walk into Royal Ascot limo hire a novice.

Last but by no means least is that you have to arrive to the venue in a style that is befitting such a prestigious venue. This is where cheap limo hire come in. Please book one of our pink, white or black Hummer limousines hire to take you and your friends with the best of ease to the races with our fantastic limo hire chauffeurs.

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