Do you fancy yourself as one of the king of the swingers? Do you laugh in the face of fear and burp loudly in the face of heights? Does the Stag is question feel at home ‘monkeying’ around in the treetops as if he is some sort of Tarzan for the new millennium? If this painting that is being painted sounds like the like groom-to-be then you must facilitate his ape-like needs by booking you and the stag party limo hire to take part in the adrenaline-pumping activity where you just need confidence to conquer the course high ropes limo hire in the treetops that lay before you.

The concept of high rope traversing limo hire is a set of intrepid paths and obstacles for you to negotiate high up in the air which forces to confront a whole myriad of feelings. There is the phobia of heights that one of your party may have and to be fair it is a well founded one especially as the course requires you to negotiate thin cable bridges to get to the next obstacle. However, fear not because the intricate and expert design of your harness means that you are well and truly safe and the elements may look dangerous, but the risk of ‘coming a cropper’ is very low.

Limo Hire High Ropes Traversing

This course tests your balance and poise and physical acumen so, although it is fundamentally a very fun activity it is also there for you to show off your prowess and therefore provides a great opportunity to add some little extra incentives to the activity to really spice it up and make it interesting. For instance, how about a booby prize being given to the hapless Stag who just can’t seem to get off to the right start and keeps falling off. If it wasn’t for the unbelievably secure harness system, the rest of you would swear that he’d be pushing up the daisies by now. Then you can also reward the high flyers who fall off the least and who complete the course in the fastest times. Such prizes can most likely include a bottle of alcohol of some description, maybe a bottle of Jack Daniels will suffice.

However, the best gift must go to the chief Stag himself so why not think of us and have his ‘prize’ as a journey within one of our phenomenal and beautiful 35ft long black Limo Jeep that are expertly limo hire chauffeur driven to wherever the groom-to-be wishes to go. Our polite and professional driver will be there to take you to the High Ropes limo hire venue of your choice and will be ready and waiting with aplomb at the end of the day when you leave. After all that strenuous work that you have partaken in during the day, either beer or champagne will be chilling on ice ready for your consumption as well as the myriad of functions that are available in all of our limousine hire cars. So, don’t delay making this Stag weekend one to remember for the ages and book with us here at cheap limo hire.

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