Those who have watched Sylvester Stallone and Tom Cruise ply their acting trade know that there is a certain element contained in a few of their films, most notably Cliffhanger and Mission Impossible: II, that just screams action, adrenaline and prevails to test your phobias, mettle and abilities. It proves as a testament to man’s ability to overcome his surrounding and conquer all that falls before him. Therefore, the art of rock climbing is no different and, in turn, should be an essential activity on the itinerary of any thrill-seeking Stag party limo hire. So let us tell you why rock-climbing has risen into the popular past time that it is today.

Traversing a rock face used to be an essential part of mountain navigation in the olden days. It’s the method that Victorians used to tackle the Alps and also the means in which many of the rescuers used to be able to get to stricken skiers the aid that they desperately needed. However, it emerged as a sport as soon as people saw that it was a fun and exciting activity as well as one that helped its participants keep fit by practising it.

Limo Hire Rock Climbing

So why not give the Stag a day to remember by compounding all the other naughty and nice things you and the boys may or may not have planned for his ‘last few nights of freedom’. Allow him to have the sheer experience of looking down, 50 feet in the air and seeing the spectators as mere specks on the ground. It is a feeling that is sure to get the blood pumping and the heart racing. This activity will also show that you aren’t just another conventional stag group and you want to embrace action and adventure and not shy away from it like so many others. It also proves itself to be a major talking point and provides many stories for after the Stag Night limo hire is over and done with.

So why not enjoy this fantastic activity to travelling to one of the many venues that hold it in the comfort of your very own black 8-seater limousine hire car or, for the more discerning action hero in all of you, why not indulge yourself in a black Hummer limo hire vehicle or Limo Jeep to be your transport for the day. Getting around needn’t be an uphill struggle as you can rest your weary limbs at the end of the day by climbing in one of our fantastic limo hire vehicle and indulging yourself in the very pleasant and comfortable surroundings of a black Hummer limo hire car. Literally melt into the plush leather seating as you blissfully sip at ice cold beer that has been chilling nicely as we have been on the way to pick you and your crew up. Enjoy music and movies courtesy of our fantastic audio and visual systems that are made up by plasma screen TVs and a top-of-the-range speaker and stereo set up combine with laser and fibre optic lighting. With all these mod cons, you’d be daft to not book your limousine hire and rock climbing experience with us here at the cheap limo hire company.

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