Remembrance Day, a time for remembering the ones we sadly lost in the First and Second World Wars, the ones that fought to make our country what it is now, and the ones that we shall never forget about. It's always a shocking tragedy when someone dies, but when millions die for their country, it's always a significant reason to remember them no matter what. Remembrance day is on the 11th November every year, with a 2 minute silence at 11:00am across the country to show ongoing respect for the tragic lives of soldiers and citizens alike. Remembrance Sunday limo hire usually follows, with it either being the Sunday before 11th November or the Sunday after. Remembrance Sunday is a time for current soldiers and veterans to remember their friends, family members and workmates that died during that upsetting period, giving them a chance to pray and respect for them in their own way. Remembrance Day continues to have the same amount of respect and gratitude since that joyous day when the war ended, and is a day that the British and other countries alike will remember and join together to give praise to the ones that gave up their lives to make ours better.

On the UK’s calendar every year there is a day that is present to prompt memory and incur sympathy and praise for all members of the British armed forces who have perished serving their country. On November the 11th of every year, the country is very much encourage to cease what they are doing at 11am and observe a minutes silence for the copious amount of soldiers who have lost their lives in all manner of causes ranging from the First and Second World War right up to the recent Iraq war. Every gentleman or lady soldier is given their due on this day and rightfully so.

You will soon get to know when the day is due as symbols of the prestigious date are sold across the country and worn by all sorts of people whether you are a humble labourer or if you are a celebrity star of the screen. These symbols come in the form of artificial poppies which are nearly always worn on the lapel of a jacket or coat. The flower was chosen for the day because of various reasons; firstly much of the battlefields where the arduous and brutal First World War were fought are now completely covered in poppies, and secondly, because of the popular poem “In Flanders Fields”, Flanders being one of the worse places of battle which is now covered by a thick carpet of these beautiful flowers.

However, for some of you, the horrors of war may be that bit more real as some of you may have been directly affected or have had family members caught up in the tragedy of war. If this is the case, then may you permit us to suggest our services to you on this, the most sensitive of days? Here at the cheap limo hire company were are well known and renowned for our party limousine hire excursions and providing our passengers with the best time they could imagine, however, because of our utmost professionalism, we are able to treat at this solemn occasion and accommodate you and your family in a manner which is befitting of the service which you, or someone close to you have given to the country.

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Remembrance Day Limo Hire

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