Are you an avid music lover? Does rock course through your veins, you heart pulsate to the beat of ‘Hey Girl, Hey Boy!” by The Chemical Brothers and does your brain resemble the rather unique shape of a Fender Stratocaster guitar? Ok, if you have these bodily features, now may be the time to consult your physician because that isn’t normal. However, if you covet music with every inch of your being, then that definitely IS normal and we here at Lux Limo salute your good taste.

As you know, when summer is upon us, you begin to experience certain urges. You dig out your tent that you have had stuffed in the attic for the past year. You tip out the pesky spiders and cobwebs that have made their home in your Wellington boots and you pack a raincoat in backpack ‘just in case’. You have felt this feeling many times before, so doing these things have become second nature to you. But what is it?

It suddenly dawns on you like the first opening guitar riff of The White Stripe’s “Seven Nation Army”, it must be festival time again. With all due haste you fly onto your computer and readily snap up a weekend ticket at the hallowed Reading Festival and urgently call your friends and ensure that they do the same. There’s no need, they already have and you all set to go out and enjoy some of the best live music that the industry has to offer.

Reading Festival

However, something that has been forever associated with these festivals is that you often have to endure the proceedings in the most uncomfortable of conditions. This is usually down the eponymous British summer doing what it does best and carry on raining throughout the summer months. This has meant that many of the hapless festival goers, such as your good selves have had to spend more than a night or two in the company of some lovely Reading mud.

This needn’t be the case all time however, as the journey to and from the festival can be made just that extra bit sweeter courtesy of us here at Lux Limo. Imagine the pomp and circumstance of you and your friends arriving with the utmost grace of any famous rock star in your very own cheap black 8-seater limousine; or, if you want show your true rock and roll credentials, then may we suggest heralding your arrival to the festival in a huge 35ft black Limo Jeep, which even dwarves the Hummer limousine by its amazing size. Hey, if it is good enough for the artists themselves, why is it not good enough for you?

So why not indulge yourself in a little bit of luxury this year and have you and your friends club together and a little style to your Reading Festival visit. It is something different and very luxurious. It is sure to start your festival off with a bang and the mood will maintain its high level throughout the festival’s duration.

Reading Festival On 0800 002 9475