Rave Music started in the early 90's with thousands of people gathering together at one venue, partying under one roof no matter what colour or race they are. It was all about the music and the party vibe. We at cheap limo hire want to keep the party vibe going with pure love and pure luxury, so why not hire a limo to go to your favourite rave.

Going out raving with friends and family can be quite expensive, especially with the train fares going up every year. Hiring a limo is not expensive as you think. If your planning to travel to a big rave, why not book a 16-Seater limo hummer hire to take you and your friends to the rave in style. No matter what rave music you are in to, drum n bass, happy hardcore, grime, dance, house, or trance, we can cater for all ravers.

Raves limo hire have been thriving in the UK for many, many years now. Any club or similar establish worth its salt in the country will have a designated night for a rave whether it be once or month, or better still, once a fortnight. The actual term ‘rave’ came to prominence in the late 1980s to describe the sub-movement of music that was evolving from the acid-house era. Unfortunately, back then, drugs were a big part of the rave scene. However, zero tolerance and stringent controls at nightclubs now make sure that ravers can enjoy what they do best comforted by the knowledge that they will not be rubbing shoulders with an drug ravaged patrons.

Rave Limo Hire

There are a wide variety of features that make a rave party a rave party limo hire. Such things as the DJs playing dance, drum and bass and electronic music provide the symphony for the many hyper people who are in attendance. Often the atmosphere of the club is permeated by dry ice and artificial fog being pumped around the venue to create that tribal and ethical mist that many of the ravers like to enjoy.

These parties haven’t always been popular by the way. As a result of a knee-jerk political reaction to the birth of these ‘acid-house’ parties, the government at that time issued a writ for the police to swoop in and stop any of these parties, most being held at peoples’ houses, and stop them from continuing. In the middle of the 1990s, the rave scene itself suffered a split in musicality; One half of the rave population favouring the ‘old-skool’ classic rave style music with the other half preferring the new jungle/hardcore drum and bass hybrid.

One essential piece of equipment in a ravers arsenal is their glow sticks. Apart from their colourful clothes, glow sticks are also essential for the expression that they are feeling through the medium of music that they are listening to.

However, you may be asking yourself what the best way is for the most colourful people of the night to get to their rave destination in a way that befits their fun loving nature. Well, how about travelling to the club in a punk Hummer hire limo which just screams ‘raver’ in both its interior in exterior. Once inside one can make use of the fantastic features that are located throughout the limo hire vehicle. What other way can a self-respecting raver travel than by making use of a top-of-the-range sound system to play their favourite dance and electronica tracks. Accompanying this are the laser light system so you and your choice party of friends can experience the thrill of a rave nightclub limo hire even before you have stepped out the limousine hire car itself; coupled with the copious amounts of bubbly on offer what better way to indulge yourself as you embark on a night of action and wonderment at what has become one of the institutions of the British music scene.

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