Be Be aware that the next fantastic idea that we here atthe cheap limo hire company are about to suggest you in an effort to add some spice and life to your stag do limo hire is not for the faint of heart; nor is for those who suffer from the debilitating fear that is known as claustrophobia because, believe us you are not going to like this activity. This activity truly sorts the men from the boys and will provide your Stag gang limo hire with the ultimate opportunity to test their mettle and pit their wits against the mystical, strenuous yet wonderful world of potholing limo hire.

Haven’t you a clue what this seemingly foreboding pastime is? Well never fear as cheap limo hire is here proving that we are, not only an excellent and low price limousine hire service with thousands of happy customers, but also a true hive of knowledge and possess the unique ability to confidently give you the superb advise on what options you have at your disposal as well as our black and white 8-seater limos and Hummer limousine hire.

Limo Hire Potholing

So strap on the safety equipment generously provided for you by the nice people who run the potholing adventure and put your life in their hands by following them into the abyss; will you see your loved ones again? Who knows? Basically, this activity makes use of the twists and turns of the tunnels and the many niches, nooks and crannies that exist and makes you traverse your way through the caves in the most scariest and difficult possible way. But this is what makes it so appealing and exciting. Who wants to be stuck up to you knees in mud on a simple off road event day when you can thoroughly launch yourself into the unknown by joining your fellow stags on this very special and diverse journey. It will promote strong team bonding as the mounting fear will have you heavily relying on not only your instructor but also your mates who should give you the undulated support that you need.

Then, at the end of the day, let us help reward the lot of you for your unshaken bravery by having our chauffeur there ready and waiting at the end of the day with rapt attention and serious professionalism and proficiency that you would expect from a prestigious and well renowned limo hire company such as us. Let us swiftly transport your weary bodies safely to the pub, club of hotel of your choice inside one of our black 35ft limo Jeeps limo hire where you can literally melt into our plush leather seats and blissfully relax with a can of ice cold beer in your hand as you recount your days experience with your close-knit group of friends. You can laugh about who screamed like a girl when they thought a spider had leapt on to them, and you can praise the Stag that acted like a pro and put the rest of you to shame with his skills. So, don’t delay in booking this limo hire experience now with our very cheap limo hire company.

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