Who can believe that it is 11 years ago when a young, innocent and fresh-faced Britney Spears first entered the realm of the music industry with her hit ‘...Baby One More Time’ in 1998. You may have been in your early or late teens then and experience the fresh music that Ms. Spears endeavoured to shower upon her adoring public. However, as you go into planning the Hen Night limo hire spectacular for the ages, your chief lady in question might often be caught lamenting that she always wanted to be a pop princess and have the fame, celebrity, cars and houses that all the lovely ladies of the pop world seem to have. Hell, she’d even settle for a pop video so she can be the centre of attention for once.

This is where the cheap limo hire company comes to the rescue yet again with our vast knowledge of the entertainment circuit that exists throughout the length and breadth of the country, and our veritable bevy of low cost and competitive range of limousine hire cars at our disposal. We advise you to book the bride-to-be a limo hire experience of a lifetime as you take to the studio like a modern day hybrid of Bananarama and Girls Aloud and proceed to shake a tail feather on your own pop video shoot. Available in Birmingham, Cardiff and Reading to name a few places, this essential girl bonding experience just NEEDS to be part of the Hen weekend limo hire extravaganza. Once you arrive at the venue, you will get the generic briefing of the day which just covers health and safety rules and regulations in the studio, it is the law so they have to go through this with you. You will then receive expert tuition from a group of experienced dancers and entertainers about how to choreograph your routine and get the most out of your pop diva experience. After setting out a vague outline of what mischief you are going to get up to its time to begin filming. The lighting, music, sound control and other technical aspects are all covered in the price so once you have paid all you need to worry about is rocking your socks off on your video. Go on, it’s your time to shine so don’t pass up this excellent opportunity.

Limo Hire Popstar Video

At the end of the day you can each get to take home a copy of your peace of musical mastery and, at this point I think it is time to link in the features that you will get to experience if you fancy travelling in style and luxury inside one of our 8-seater pink limo hire and 35ft hot pink Limo Jeeps. You can happily play your new music video DVD on the player inside all our cars and watch it in high definition on the luxurious plasma screen TVs that we have situated throughout the limo.

So, think of your chief hen and give her the pop limo hire experience that you know that she deserves and couple it with the VIP limo hire treatment provided by us here atthe cheap limo hire company.

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