The blinds are getting higher as are the risks. Should you push it all-in now or wait just for another second. The player opposite you is smirking and laughing softly, he knows that there is more riding on this than just a bit of cash. You swallow your pride, make the play and; he calls. The flop comes down followed by the turn and the river which seem to you like a century of time has passed and the clock has ceased turning, leaving a spot of sweat affixed to your brow. The cards fall and you’re safe, for now. For this is a poker game with a little more spice. It is a Stag Night poker limo hire game and has penalties, forfeits and other sorts of embarrassing nasties dashed throughout the game couple with serious volumes of alcohol.

So why not book a venue in which to hold this special Stag night poker tournament which will be an event to rival even the World Series of Poker, well almost. As I have said, it needn’t just be for a small pot of money because then that would just be a conventional poker game and not half as fun. You want this stag night to be different, something to talk about for years and not just another drop in the ocean. Therefore, up the ante if you will by adding extra stipulations to get the laughter and the drinks flowing. For instance, every time you fold a hand you take a generous sip of your beverage. If you knock someone out you can designate a penalty or forfeit for that person to undertake, whether it be for them to drink their pint of beer in one go or something more sinister. With all of these extra features being injected into your game, you can’t fail to have a good, fun and maybe messy time with everybody getting equal treatment but hopefully the Stag limo hirewill be bearing the brunt of most of it; it is his day after all.

Limo Hire Evening Poker

Furthermore, why not travel like the true poker limo hire VIPs you are by arriving at your favourite casino in the comfort of your own sleek, stylish and beautiful black or white 8-seater limousine hire car. You can arrive to the astonishment of the other casino-goers like the pros do on the various poker related TV shows, with your shades on, adorned in your best suits and meaning business, only to shock everyone with your little knowledge of the game and the weird and wonderful way you have adapted it to add that twist to your Stag event limo hire.

If you require a bigger or a vehicle with more of an impact to herald your arrival why not enjoy the fantastic experience of riding in a black Hummer limo hire or 35ft Limo Jeep limo hire. With the myriad of features within such as beer on ice, laser lighting, leather seating, DVD players and plasma screen TVs you can’t fail. So make a sound bet and hire a limo with us, here at the cheap limo hire company.

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