There is one sporting spectacle that happens every June that we think that every self respecting lady should be privy to. If you are a woman whose heart lies with the sport of kings then we vehemently urge you to consider using our cheap limousine hire services. Why should that be the case? Well it’s because there is a special day laid on every year for the ladies of the horse racing world to strut their stuff and compete with each other to claim the crown of being the best dressed lady at Royal Ascot. Yes my good ladies, it is Ladies Day at Royal Ascot and this year we here at the cheap limousine hire company believe that you and your group of friends should definitely be part of it.

Therefore, we are opening up our cheap limo hire fleet for you to have a look at our extensive range of cheap pink limousine hire cars for you to use to take you and your friends about on this fantastic day. We can’t have you turning up to Royal Ascot in any other way now can we? We need you turn up at the height of style and give you and Royal Ascot itself the prestige and honour that it truly deserves and that can all happen due to the nature and cheap low prices of our pink limousine hire company.

Ladies Day at Royal Ascot Pink Limo Hire

We have pink limousine hire vehicles to suit any group size and riding inside one of our cheap limousine hire cars will make you feel like a million pounds. Imagine you and 15 of your friends dressed up to the nines with our truly incredible pink Hummer limousine hire cars that are in abundance in our pink limousine hire fleet. You will get to gossip, laugh and experience the high life in our pink Hummer limousine hire cars and drink large amounts of complimentary bubbly that we have laid on for your pleasure. Well, we can’t have you going to Royal Ascot feeling parched now can we?

As part of our pink limo hire, Ladies Day at Royal Ascot, package we supply chairs for you to sit on as well making sure that there is always something that you can recline and feel like royalty yourself as you survey all and sundry that lies before you. Then at the end of the day our pink limo hire chauffeur can take you all safely back home. It is all part of the high quality of service found at our cheap limo hire company day in and day out. So call us now and get a piece of the action.

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