We all know that girls love to party. In fact, it should be scientifically proven that girls party better than boys do. Besides shopping you put partying down as your second favourite hobby and like to tear it up with your fellow girlies whenever you can. However, as of late work has been taking most of your time and spending quality time with your other half has been using up the rest of it. You have literally had no time for yourself, to see your good lifelong mates and to really be able to let your hair down and let of some steam at a nightclub or too.

Well it’s about time you showed your true Northampton girl grit and put your foot down. You need a break and you need one now. So leave your weekend free, get in touch with your girlfriends of the prospective plans and tell them that there should be no excuses in joining you in painting the town red. Then may we make a tiny suggestion that will really liven things up, accentuate the night’s experience and get the most girls saying “Yes please!” to a night out? If so, then why not treat all your hard work by collectively indulging yourself in a pink 8-seater limo hire vehicle with our company.

Pink Limo Northampton Limo Hire

Already we can sense that your eyes have lit up and the prospect of booking a limousine for the first night you have had out in ages is making you literally chomp at the bit. In that case we can most warm heartedly provide you and your gang of lovely ladies with some complimentary champagne to reward of all you for coming out to Northampton in style and in your numbers. If, by some strange reason your promise of a limousine has garnered more passenger than you first predicted, please feel free to book our exceptionally brilliant and eye catching hot pink Hummer limo hire vehicles. These limousines were tailor made for life-loving party animals such as you and your girlfriends so don’t be afraid to get 16 of you nestled comfortably in the interior of the pink Hummer limo and taking full advantage of the mod cons that we have dotted all over the place.

After this is all sorted out we will be more than happy to take you wherever you want to go in Northampton in our chauffeur driven pink limos. Ultimately, we will be there at the end of the night whether you are all falling out of Lava Ignite or high on cocktails from Revolutions, to take you all home safely and securely. The best thing is you will be more surprised by our cheap limo hire prices than our pink limos.

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