One of the most thriving, exhilarating and action packed hobbies that has come to development and fruition in the past two decades in the fantastic world of Paintballing limo hire. What better way to enter this theatre of drama, action and all out combat, albeit between the best of friends, than arriving in our of our Hummer limousines hire. You can make an entrance to the battlefield just like soldiers. Just with that bit extra class and style.

Paintballing limo hire can take place either indoors or outdoors, but the preference of many paintballing limo hire companies in the UK is to make use and the benefit of the lush and deep wooded areas that are rife throughout the country. Players are usually armed with CO2 gas propelled rifles which can rapidly fire paintballs at a phenomenal rate of 90 metres per second.

You can experience this kind of thrill at companies like Delta Force paintball whose customers have included sports starts such as lightweight boxer Amir Khan and footballing stars including Wayne Rooney, John Terry and Frank Lampard. With the help of us at Lux Limos you can arrive to the venue just like the celebrities that visit in the utmost style.

Paintballing is a hugely popular activity in The United States as well as over here with an estimated 5.4 millions paintballers ‘lock and loading’ in 2007 alone. There are also various paintballing limo hire tournaments and exhibitions held worldwide, even World Championships. So, if you try paintballing, and like it, who knows what YOU could learn to achieve.

Paintball Limousine

So why not be part of an activity that is both thrilling and spectacular and source out your own local paintballing limo hire company and book a day out there for you and a number of your dearest friends, then without hesitation get on the phone to us and allow us to help make your experience out in the field of combat just that bit more special. The types of games available are wide ranged and diverse. The more conventional games played are; Capture the Flag; where you must stop the opposing team from taking your flag and returning to their ‘base’ with it as well as trying to do the same to them. There is also general elimination of a team until one team is left with the victory or just general ‘last man standing’ chaos where it is an all out war with each other until one player is left the victor.

Also you an absolute must is getting that army look. Get on your best camouflage gear on and become invisible to your friend’s gunsight’s. Do as they do is the war movies and apply healthy and copious measures of black, green and brown facepaint and create the look of a distinguished and battleworn soldier that will be great for photos you take especially inside our black H2 Hummer limos hire.

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