So that's it – your time in the world of education has come to a close. After years studying at school, years taking your GCSEs, and just a couple more years done taking your A-Levels all the while getting some truly exceptional grades, you went off into the world of higher education and ventured off to university.

But not just any university – as you are reading this article, you undoubtedly managed to secure a prestigious place at the world-renowned Oxford University. And now you've successfully completed your course and got yourself a degree that's worth its weight in gold after three, perhaps four or even more, years of the hardest and most intense educational work of your life.

And it's paid off – with the results in, and your certificate proudly frame on your wall or on a mantelpiece, you can relax and enjoy your moment in the spotlight by attending your graduation along with all your colleagues and classmates.

It's not an occasion that comes around all to often – most people will only experience the one graduation for their degree, and maybe one more if they opt to take a masters degree or another course. But regardless of that, your graduation is an event that requires celebration.

So why not Lux Limo get in on the action and provide you with a prestigious limousine hire service for this most prestigious of occasions at arguably one of the world's most prestigious universities. That's a whole lot of prestige!

We can provide you with a stunning choice of stretch limousines for travel to your graduation, whether it's with you and your family or with a group of close friends as you celebrate you graduations together.

Why not choose an amazing white stretch Lincoln limousine for your luxury travel to your graduation ceremony at the university? It can seat up to eight people on board in total luxury and comfort, and with its classically iconic design it will fit in perfectly with an event of this calibre at such a prestigious location.

We'll even throw in three large bottles of bubbly on ice for your journey, so you can really celebrate your graduation by toasting your achievements with family or friends.

To get a lavish limousine for your graduation in Oxford, just call Lux Limo on our freephone limousine hire hotline on 0800 002 9475 or email us directly at However you get in touch, you'll have a quick response to your queries and be booked up in no time.

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