We believe that we have picked up a wealth of knowledge of the habits of men and woman that we have served in Nuneaton with our cheap limousine hire service. We are catered for weddings, stag dos, birthdays and the like and have got a myriad of feedback from each. However, we believe that we have pinned down one main attraction of you ladies when you are assessing your hobbies. Above all else, you love to shop. This is by far your most coveted hobby above any sport or other endeavour. Well we at Nuneaton shopping limo hire understand that which is why we are wanting to extra bit of sugar to your shopping proceedings with your friends to make things that bit better.

With that in mind, have you ever thought about combining a fantastic shopping experience in Nuneaton with some pink limousine hire? It’s true and rather simple. Thanks to the cheap limousine hire prices we like to bestow upon all of our customers we can provide you with the best in pink limousine hire. We can think of no better event on your social calendar than shopping that will truly embrace the spirit that is the Nuneaton limo hire experience.

Nuneaton Shopping Limo Hire

It is a chance to get together with your best friends and have a day to remember doing all the favourite things you enjoy doing; combining bargain hunting in the myriad of stores to riding in a wonderful hot pink Jeep limo hire vehicle. Firstly, all you have to do is step inside the vast and vivid interior of our cheap limousine hire interior of our pink Hummer limousine hire cars and then let our cheap limo hire chauffeur do all the driving work whilst you all catch up on gossip and bond further with your best friends.

Once you have had your fill of your hour long champagne fuelled tour of Nuneaton we are more than willing to drop you off in the town centre and unleash you, by now fairly tipsy on complimentary alcohol that has been provided by us, on the shops so you can collectively search high and low for that perfect garment, pair of shoes, top, handbag or whatever else takes your fancy.

You see one of the best things about the Nuneaton shopping limousine hire experience is that we can be there ready and waiting at a given point to take you swiftly and securely back home where you have plenty of space for shopping bags and your selves. So if this sounds like the ideal day out for you, give us a call today and let us see what we can do.

To get in touch with Lux Limo please call us now on 0845 055 0740 or email us at info@lux-limo.co.uk

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