If you're heading out on a night out in Nuneaton, it's likely to be well deserved. Heading out on a Friday night or a Saturday night, you've probably been hard at work all week in Nuneaton and are looking forward to nothing more than chilling out, relaxing, and letting your hair down on a wild night out with your friends.

The only problem is that if you head out most weekends, or just over a long number of years, you may start to get a bit tired of the usual pubs, bars and night clubs that you frequent. You'll probably find yourself picking favourites and getting into a bit of a routine with where you go, leading to a bit of a rut. The result? Boredom!

And that's the last thing you want for your weekend. You're supposed to be letting go and enjoying yourself to this short break in your working week – before you know it it'll be Monday again and you'll behind the desk for another five days. So make the most of it!

Spice up your night out in Nuneaton by adding some excitement with our cheap Nuneaton limo hire services here at Lux Limo! We have a great range of modern, extravagant limousines which are perfect for getting the party started in Nuneaton. All of our 'party choice' limousines hold a large number of people (at least 15) so there's no reason why you can get all your friends on board to share in the experience of hiring a limo in Nuneaton.

The first, and typically most popular choice, for a Nuneaton limo hire package is the H2 Hummer limo. It is the world's biggest and largest limousine, measuring in at a whopping 37 feet long and with a gargantuan 16 person passenger capacity. Not only does the Hummer limo in Nuneaton look incredibly stylish, with a slick choice of paint jobs and complimenting chrome trim, it is very lavish and luxurious on board, too.

On board the Nuneaton Hummer limo hire car you are treated to comfortable leather seating for all 16 passengers, a state of the art sound system and disco light setup, and a fully stocked champagne bar – filled with bottles upon bottles of complimentary bubbly on ice, courtesy of Lux Limo. The Hummer limo for hire in Nuneaton is one of the biggest, best, and most extravagant ways to travel out of our entire Nuneaton limo hire fleet so it is a great choice for kick-starting a night out in Nuneaton.

Of course, your other option is so exciting, so mind-blowing that you've got to be a real party animal to take it in. Think you can handle it? Ok. The party bus limo, aka "The Night Club On Wheels". Already sounds awesome, doesn't it? Well let us expand on this amazing party bus limo for hire in Nuneaton.

The Nuneaton party bus limo is actually one of the most unique and exciting limousines in our entire fleet. It's not really a stretched limousine per se; other stretched limos, like the Hummer limo, take an already existing and amazing vehicle and stretch it out to make things even better. But the party bus limo is in a league of its own, meaning that no punches were pulled when designing and creating this amazing machine.

The party bus limo for hire in Nuneaton is the only limo in our fleet that you can actually stand up and dance around in, thanks to the massive amounts of space and expansive high ceilings. We've even had a full dance floor installed so you can have a full night club experience in the back of this stunning limousine – hence its nickname! There's also a powerful sound system, complete with huge speakers and massive sub woofer, disco laser lights, a dancing pole and a fully-stocked champagne bar. As usual, we here at Lux Limo fill this luxury bar with lashings of bubbly on ice free of charge, so you can get your party started in Nuneaton from the moment you set foot inside – no more queueing out in the cold to get into clubs, your party starts here! Call Lux Limo today to book your H2 Hummer limo or party bus limo for some of the cheapest prices around!

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