Ok, imagine this scenario. Royal Ascot is starting in the lovely summer month of June and for the first time ever you and a bunch of friends or just you and your significant other are going to grace this hallowed festival of racing with your presence. First of all, we must congratulate you on choosing Royal Ascot as one of the things to do this year, it should be experienced by everyone wherever in the United Kingdom they may reside. As for your good selves you and your good lady friends live in limo hire Nottingham and thus have always found the notion of getting down to Royal Ascot limo hire a difficult one to contend with.

You have always wanted to see what all the fuss is about and you have decided to attend the most hallowed event of all in the form of Ladies day at Royal Ascot limo hire. You have gone into a myriad of shops; maybe you have entered many of the fine Nottingham formal dress hire establishments in search for that perfect garment to wear that adheres to the venues strict dress code. This endeavour may have also left you logging onto eBay for that perfect dress only to be outbid by another Royal Ascot limo hire enthusiast who has had the same idea as you.

Nottingham Ladies Day at Royal Ascot Limo Hire

However, by hook or by crook you and your lovely bunch of girlies have been able to go above and beyond and sorted out a fabulous dress for Ladies Day. As for the most essential piece of the uniform, the hats, you have collectively decided to go as nuts as you possibly can on the design. It has taken many trips to certain Nottingham based arts and crafts stores as well as charity shops to create the unique and resplendent design that current resides on your heads. And now you are good to go and watch some classic racing, have a good time and let yourself go in the politest possible manner of course.

Well, not quite. This is because your transport hasn’t been arranged to herald in your arrival to Royal Ascot on Ladies Day limo hire. So please allow the staff here at cheap limo hire tempt and tantalise you with our hallowed Ladies Day limousine hirepackage available from us at astonishingly cheap limo hire prices. Why not book either a pink 8-seater limousine hire or hot pink Hummer limo hire to take you with the greatest of ease to this festival of racing. The fact that our vehicles are fantastically chauffeur driven means that you and the girls are free to sip champagne without fear of getting lost or having to designate a driver.

You see, we consider transporting you from Nottingham to limo hire Ladies Day at Royal Ascot to be a speciality of ours and if you ride with us, you will have the experience of a llifetime.

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