So you have decided to hold the extravaganza that is your Hen night in the historic and wholesome city of Nottingham, a city that lies deep in the heart, perhaps can even be considered the epicentre of the East Midlands limo hire. The day is set and all your favourite girlies have booked time off and away from their respective workplaces and partners and are ready to join you, the chief Hen in seeing away some of the last few nights of freedom that you have left as an unmarried woman.

You have been out at different unusual events during the day, participating in things that you thought that you would never do. For instance, you might have been out somewhere in Sherwood Forest taking part in a GPS hunt. You could have been strapping on some camouflaged gear and donning the mask in the pursuit of paintballing to see once and for all just who the most dominant lady of your group is. For all we know you could have a day book at a farm in Nottingham where you get to act to act like proper army girls by indulging yourselves in a spot of tank driving at an off road venue.

Nottingham Hen Night Limo Hire

For your daytime activities in Nottingham limo hire you might like to do as the celebrities do and book yourself a pink Playboy limousine hire to take you safely and securely and most importantly at the height of fashion and style and luxury to wherever you are wishing to travel to. Our very cheap limo hire service, which also operates at the most optimum of quality, will take you via a chauffeur driven pink limousine hire of your choice to even the most remote event location. Due to our driver’s extensive knowledge of the area, we have no problem at getting you to your Nottingham Hen night limo hire excursion as easily as possible.

As for the evening, all you have to do is book us for the evening and we have that covered too. We can pick you up from the hotel in Nottingham where you are your girls are calling home for the weekend, all dressed up in your evening’s best and then swiftly deliver you to a nightclub of your choosing. Maybe you fancy a fun night out at Stealth where you and your girlies can don your favourite fluorescent make up and costumes and rave it up on your Hen night limo hire.

Perhaps you want a night that is devoid of pimply 18 year olds causing a nuisance because they are now legal to drink. If that is the case you can happily go to The Factory where the door policy is strictly over 21s. Wherever you decide to go on your Hen Night limo hire, make sure you do with us, the cheap limo hire company that cares.

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