As proud and upstanding members of your local Islamic community you have built a good and decent home, brought in a great wage to support you and your wife and have raised some excellently behaved and well mannered children. These children have been provided with the best education that you could provide for them and have been guided with a steady and sure hand through their teenage years and developed them into fine young Muslim men and woman ready to take on the world.

However, the time has come where you son and daughters marriage must be arranged which must come as a shock to you and your wife as it seems like only yesterday they were only a couple of feet tall and making mischief in the house. But, before we go into what needs to be sorted in this most amazing, spiritual and special of times let us assure you that here at Lux Limos you have a veritable bevy of vehicles at your convenience ready to be hired to accommodate both the lovely bride and groom, but also the vast collection of relatives from home and abroad, and both families who have come together to bear witness to this magnificent occasion.

Let Lux Limos take the stress out of you mind by transporting either the bride or the groom and the various members of their family in our of our sleek and stylish black or white limousines which can be decorated and arranged to your standard and deliver you to the Mosque safely, securely and above all, on time ready to be indulged in the short ceremony where the legal contract between your son or your daughter with their respective future husbands and wives can be ratified by the Qadi. Imagine the prestige, honour and validation you will receive when your family and friends see you and your new family member turn up and leave in one of our fantastic hired vehicles.

As you know, the Walima is one of the strongest aspects of the Sunnah and must be held at the earliest date possible after the consummation of the marriage. Allow us to take the stress out of transporting the bride and her family over to the grooms’ family to have a delicious meal and to be officially welcomed and greeted into the groom group of relations. You can fire any manner of limousine vehicle for this but may we recommend a very much prestigious and exquisite black Limo Jeep which is able to accommodate 16 people and is one of the most luxurious and comfortable vehicles you are ever likely to travel in.

No matter what you decide and plan on this, the most sacred of union that exist on the planet please be rest assured that the high quality of service provided by Lux Limos will not let you down and really accentuate the experience as a whole and will long live in the minds of your much loved family, friends and fellow Muslim brothers and sisters.

As proud parents of Pakistani origin you may either grown up in the UK or immigrated over here at some point over the last few decades and you quickly and firmly established yourself as fantastic, hard working and honest citizens. You have created communities that provide a lot of the pulse that runs through the veins of some of England’s greatest towns and cities and generally made the country a better and brighter place.

You have produced some marvellous and well mannered children who you have educated thoroughly in both your traditions and customs and have put through a fantastic education during their school life and have shaped them into the fine and upstanding adults and members of the community they are today, ready to take on the world, get fantastic jobs and provide fully for their family and kin.

Well, the time has come where, just as you and your lovely wife did many years ago, experience one of the great and first steps in the Surah which is an essential part of the Qur’an. However, as you know Pakistani communities as a whole are enormous and you may have a lot of friends and family to transport about. For instance, the proposal party that needs to be made at the bride’s house needs to be attended. And what better way to make an impression on your new link to the family than by arriving in an extravagant white or black limousine. As you as you have turned up you have easily earned all due respect and this will go a very long way to building lasting relations and bonds with your new family.

As you know, the Dholki can be exuberant and massive affairs with all sorts going on a big party for the bride her family to show themselves off to the world before the official wedding ceremony. Of course, all manner of guests need to be transported, so let us take the stress off your mind by taking you, and your bridal family to the Dholki in style and make a big splash of luxury and prominence. With our selections of limousines you cannot fail to make a superb intact and give the whole wedding ceremony of events the class and prestige that it so richly deserves.

Lux Limos are here to supply all your transportation needs, for example we are able to accommodate your procession of family and friends in one our white or black Hummer limousines. This is needed, of course, when you as the groom’s family are making the procession to the bride’s home as part of the Baraat. Indeed, the groom himself can substitute the tradition of riding a white horse, which are few and far between here and instead travel in the luxury of one of our fantastic white limos which can be decorated in any manner that you suggest.

Whatever you decide to do, on this the holiest of days and unions in your family, remember to think of us first to accommodate your every whim.

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