Every man has a dirty side to him. A devilish side just lurking at the back of their mind like a caged animal wildly shaking at the bars to be unleashed. It is only natural that this side of a man comes out to play once in a while and, more often than not, it can suddenly make an appearance during a Stag weekend and wreck havoc on all that stands before it. Often prompted by vociferous drinking, this side can be wild and untamed and want undulated raunchy entertainment to sate its vivid hunger before it can be satisfied. So, how about us at cheap limo hire suggest a way in which the beast inside can be pleased in a most delightful way? How about going along to a venue where you and your discerning friends can enjoy a spot of mud wrestling conducted by the most professional, not to mention scantily-clad, females.

Ah, we see the mention of that has perked you up somewhat. Shall we continue? Fair enough, we shall endeavour to explain why this activity will provide a majorly fun and titillating addition to any Stag limo hire itinerary to give it that winning edge and that unique slant of originality that deviates from most usual Stag Nights limo hire. Just remember to bring your best wrestling gear, either old t-shirts and slacks or spandex if you are that way inclined and be prepared to be beaten down by the professional mud wrestling girls who can break your arms as fast as they can break your heart.

Limo Hire Mud Wrestling

Seriously, though, this is merely meant to pure fun as you get the opportunity to unleash the sleazy side of yourself as the lads egg you on. Ultimately you’ll end up floundering in the mud bath like a dying fish but that’s where most of the laughs come from. When you book a mud wrestling limo hire event you get beauty, poise, athleticism and copious amounts of messiness thrown in for good measure, just don’t let your respective partners or worse, the bride-to-be clap their eyes on the pictures you may have taken on your travels.

However, most of these events are held on the continent due to the restricted and suppressed way that this country seems to operate so for this kind of kick you are looking to hit Holland, Italy, Germany and the Eastern European countries to get your rocks off in true mud wrestling style. That just leaves the problem of getting there. So, why not hire a black or white 8-seater limo hire to take you and the lads in luxury to either an airport, or let us book your excursion and tie it in with the black hummer limo hire in a tidy, neat and very reasonably package. Imagine the comfort and safety you’ll have travelling in the undulated luxury of a black Hummer limo hire driven with the utmost proficiency by one of our thoroughly experienced and highly trained limo hire chauffeurs. We cherish your custom and only ask that you don’t get any mud on the seats on the way back.

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