It can be said that Milton Keynes can be considered to be one of the best destinations for you to visit on your Stag Night or weekend. This is because of the prime location that it is in relatively the big cities of the UK and the fact that is does pack quite a punch for a town. Therefore, we are happy to tell you that we have happily served many a stag occasion in this quirky and wonderful town and have received nothing but good things and reviews from the clientele that we have taken there.

As well as a super nightlife running its course all the way through Milton Keynes there are also a myriad of activities for you and your group of rowdy stags to get up to. There are many bowling establishments for you to look into and create a competition of. Here, the strikes can flow as well as the beer and you can spice up your trip here by adding awards and penalties to the best and worst players of the day. For the glorious bowlers you can have prizes of bottles of whisky, vodka and other assorted spirits to make the night go somewhat special. For the main losers they can receive forfeits to be played out in the evening such as having to wear the chief stag’s underpants on their head, having their hands taped together the whole evening or any other selection of debauchery you can fathom.

Milton Keynes Stag Night Limo Hire

Furthermore, it’s snow joke that you can get your fix of winter by going to Xscape in the heart of Milton Keynes. Here you and the lads can experience only the very best in indoor snow sports and really embarrass them whilst doing it to boot. You can try you hand at skiing, snowboard or even tobogganing with this fantastic venue containing real snow. With discounts for large parties such as your stag do, you’d be mad to miss this opportunity.

As for nightlife, there are more than enough nightclubs to keep you going for the evening. These range from the new and vibrant Oceana, where there is always a party, to the historical and amazing Empire nightclub which contains a myriad of dance floors to suit every taste possible that is held by the members of your stag party. Furthermore, if you require the groom to be, as well as yourselves, to be privy to some titillation then please go to the gentlemen’s club Smile which is a hidden gem in Milton Keynes. Here, you can experience some fine exotic dancing as well as great drinks.

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