“Excuse me madam, would you like a little bit of nudity to go with your meal?” Does this sound like an odd question to you? It’s certainly not one that you would find at your local Italian bistro, or even down the pub for your Sunday roast. However, when you fancy a bit of titillation as you chow down on your dinner, who says that you can’t have a firm portion of male stripper generously added to your dinner experience? I am sure that this is sounding fascinating already ladies so I will endeavour to continue. Here at Lux Limo we like to deliver you excellent, cheap limo hire service as well as fantastic ideas in which to spend you Hen night because we care about you both as people and customers and want you to have the best possible experience that you could ever envision.

So, with that in mind, may we suggest to you that you provide the Hen party in question an evening of wholesome and nourishing entertainment in the form of a male stripper banquet? What can be better than indulging yourself in a fantastic meal cooked by excellent chefs and to then be thoroughly pleased, as if you were queens and princesses, by the forms of very handsome gentlemen undressing and dancing to your pleasure? Sound like a good idea to you? Then why not chalk this one down for your Hen itinerary. There are various venues that cater for your party animal girls and they pride themselves on providing you with the best night that they possibly can so there will not be one man boob or potbelly in sight, we can assure you of that. As long as your behave yourselves, as we know that you girls will always do at these occasions you should have a fantastic night, great pictures and perhaps one red faced bride-to-be, just don’t tell your significant others, let it be our dirty secret.

Male Stripper for Hen Night

So, what other way to travel to and from this deviant location than by coming us a booking an 8-seater hot pink limousine to take you and the girls wherever you wish to go to in the safety and more importantly the privacy of your own exquisite vehicle. Whilst inside the limo you can amuse yourself with the myriad of features that are ever present inside each of vehicles. You and your Hen party can be dazzled by the superb fibre optic and laser lighting systems that shines on throughout the limousine. To break up the relative ennui of the journey you can stick on your favourite rom-com or chick flick and blissfully relax on our plush leather seats and you dreamily watch the movies on our plasma screen TVs. If you fancy injecting a bit of rhythm into the journey then don’t hesitate to put on your favourite CDs via our phenomenal sound system.

Therefore, allow yourself true indulgence by booking your stripper banquet and limo service today. We can assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

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