After ages of being busy and at work you might have long since forgotten about yourself. You have become so bogged down with protocol, statistics, business plans, admin and whatever other work pressure you can think of, that time spent on yourself seems like a distant and frankly preposterous notion. However, it is your Hen Night, and whether you like it or not you will HAVE to make time for yourself and give yourself something you have thoroughly deserved for a long time now. Not only do you have pressure from work but you also most have untold stresses bearing down on you in the form of wedding planning. You find yourself getting more and more worked up and your fiancé is probably bearing the brunt of the stress you’re under. Whether he deserves this or not is another matter entirely.

So, we therefore suggest that you take a ‘time out’ with you and your fellow girlies on your Hen Night in the best possible way; and that is by ordering yourself and your favourite ladies a Limo Hire Makeover Photo shoot. To be honest, we can’t think of a better way to kick off Hen Night preparations then for you and your fellow hens to have that special bonding experience that often only comes from activities such as these. With all the make-over shows that exist on TV nowadays courtesy of Trinny and Sussanah and Gok Wan, why not jumpy on the proverbial bandwagon and see what all the fuss is about.

Limo Hire Makeover Photo shoot

There are many venues, spas or resorts around the country that will facilitate this activity. As you arrive for your day of pampering and leisure you will be greeted by a tray of champagne to make you feel more at ease and respected like the VIPs that you are. You will then get fully informed and briefed upon the schedule for the day before being taken in by one of the makeover technicians/experts and each of you given a one-to-one consultation, this is so they don’t do anything that you are uncomfortable with. Then you get indulged in three hours of fun and the optimum in beauty treatment. You hair, skin, nails, toes, nothing is left out into you are positively glowing and are unleashed as the beautiful, debonair and stunning ladies as you so obviously are. After this has been completed, your day doesn’t end there. You are then invited into the photo studio where a team of highly trained and proficient photographs shape and mould you into the sexiest and sassiest poses and provide you with pictures that will long be a reminder of the fantastic Hen experience you had with your friends.

So, do yourself a favour and take yourself and the girls on a pink, white or black 8-seater limousine ride to this makeover session; or, if there are a lot of you, do not hesitate to hire one of our beautiful and prestigious hot pink Hummer limos or 35ft Limo Jeeps to help make your Hen weekend the best days of your life ever.

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