So it’s official, you are a stag party who are struggling for ideas of where to spend time on the last few nights on freedom. But relax, it’s ok, admit that you have become a little stumped is the first step towards fixing the problem. Furthermore, don’t feel like you are the first stag party to ever come up against a dead end; there are many men in the country who are currently finding themselves in the same predicament. However by now we hope you have read our stag night articles in the appropriate section of this website and garnered a few good ideas of what to do in the daytime. Well, we are now here to tell you what you do in the evening and where the best place is to go.

So, no more beating about the bush, your time is too precious for such malignant malarkey. We think that, in the whole of the Midlands, that Luton town should be high on the list of your agenda of things to do and places to go over your stag weekend. There is just something about this special town that makes us smile every time we have to serve customers there or take parties, just like yours, to sample the sweet delights and hidden gems that it has nestled in the epicentre of it.

Luton Stag Night Limo Hire

Before we tell you where you can be let loose in the night time, let us give you some more advice (how cool are we?) about how to get about on this hallowed day. We suggest that you get hold of an 8-seater black Ferrari limo hire car for your sojourn into Luton. Yes, you read right; you can happily get your hands on a stretched Ferrari limousine hire vehicle to take you around town in. Just imagine all the admiring looks, especially from the ladies, that your stag party will get as they will see these complete marvels of engineering traversing the humble streets of Luton.

Perhaps you have quite an ample sized stag party. Well you will be happy to know that we have black Hummer limo hire and 35ft long black Jeep limo hire to accommodate up to 16 of you inside its vast interior. Just imagine the complete unabated fun that you can all experience drinking copious amounts of complimentary beer that we have laid on for you as our way of saying congratulations on your engagement and thanks for choosing our Luton stag night limousine hire company for your needs. So, if we sound like the right people for the job, give us a ring.

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