Your 18th is one of the biggest landmark birthdays you'll ever have. Sure, you've got your 21st, your 30th, 40th etc. but there's nothing quite like the sudden freedom that comes with turning 18. There's so much more you can do in life now, and you're officially starting your journey into adulthood. You'll have likely finished school or college in Luton and be heading off into the world of work or furthering your studies at university. But for now, it's time to just let your hair down and partying the night away to celebrate your 18th birthday party in Luton.

There's one main thing, too, that comes with turning 18 and that's being able to drink! The most popular activity for 18th birthday parties, not just in Luton but all over the UK, is to head out into your local town or city centre, hit up all the best bars, pubs and night clubs and just let loose with all your friends. Now you're 18 you can stay out as late as you want, too, which is perfect because some of these places stay open until 3 or 4am.

Let's say you're into your clubbing – well, Luton has plenty to offer you, with loads of different kinds of night clubs offering a wide range of music and clubbing styles. One of the most popular night clubs in Luton is Liquid & Envy (20-44 Gordon Street, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU1 2QP). Liquid offers multiple dance floors with varying styles of music from R&B to dance, chart hits to indie and rock and loads more. There's literally something for anyone at Liquid in Luton, which makes it a great place for an 18th birthday party – especially if there's a big group of you all going out together.

And if there is a big group of you all together, then how are you all going to get around? Are you going to hop on the bus? You can't rely on public transport, especially when it gets late at night. What about taxis? You'd have to hire several taxis and it would be very cramped and very expensive too.

You're not quite out of options yet, though – we here at Lux Limo still have a number of tricks up our sleeve for your Luton 18th birthday party limo hire needs. For a party of a large size, there's only one vehicle to choose and that's the 16 seater H2 Hummer. Seating up to 16 people on board in total comfort and luxury, the Hummer limousine in Luton is the ideal party vehicle for a birthday party like this.

On board you've got mirrored ceilings, disco laser lights, leather seats, a champagne bar and a powerful sound system complete with subwoofer speakers and iPod/MP3 player connections, giving way for an amazing 18th birthday party atmosphere.

The Hummer limo is available for hire in Luton in a number of different styles and colours, too, so you can get the perfect style of limo for your 18th birthday party in Luton. Choose from black Hummer limos, white Hummer limos and even pink Hummer limos to pick that perfect party limousine for you.

To make your booking just call Lux Limo on 0800 002 9475 or email us direct at and one of our dedicated team will help you with your package and give you a free, personalised quote on our Luton 18th birthday party limo hire packages.

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