Anybody who’s anybody in horse racing, or a very high authority on the ‘sport of kings’ will tell you without any hesitation what one of the greatest and best racing festivals held each year is Royal Ascot limo hire. It really is a no-brainer and trumps all other meetings that pepper the racing calendar. This is because of the air of the utmost prestige and true British tradition and quality that comes with the event. There are strict amount of stringent rules and regulations that ensure that only the cream of the crop gets into the venue and that everybody must be on their best behaviour or face the humiliating prospect of being forcibly ejected from the venue.

It is because of this that the dress code plays a massive part in the proceedings. Gentlemen must be seen to be in top hats and morning suits. They need to adhere to the look of a distinguished member of the British gentry. This is not an option but a definite requirement. However, the high manner of prestige should not be looked down upon as it is an opportunity for you to really look your best and maybe impress the ladies with your suave elegance and style. However, ladies, don’t think you are exempt from the code yourself. You are require to display yourselves in a truly quintessential British fashion by wearing elaborately designed dresses capped off by even more elaborately designed hats.

Limos To Royal Ascot Limo Hire

But enough of the limo hire Royal Ascot fashion show as I am sure that is not why clicked on this webpage. You are here to gain some crucial knowledge about what vehicles would work best in delivering you in the utmost of style to the grandest stage of them all. Well first of all, let us cover the Lincoln town car limousines which are available in black, white or pink. These wonderful 8-seater limousines are available to take you and your close-knit group of friends to the races with ease and style. The pink limousines are especially popular with Ladies Day at Royal Ascot and for any Hen parties that have tied in Royal Ascot limo hire as a ‘thing to do’ on their Hen Night itinerary.

If you are looking for something that little bit bigger then you can’t go wrong with our fantastic selection of Limo Jeeps and Hummer limos that are also available in white, pink or black. Imagine you and your top-hatted Stags entering the hallowed entrance of Royal Ascot limo hire the phenomenal and fantastical environment of a black triple axle Hummer limo hire vehicle. Because of the cheap limo hire prices operated by our company, this possibility can become a reality quicker than you can imagine.

However, if you are a small group who require more distinguished vehicles for travel, may we recommend our prestige cars to take you to limo hire Royal Ascot? Normally reserved for weddings and the like, these vehicles are seemingly tailor made for this event. So get hold of us here at Lux Limo and let us know what you require for your day at Royal Ascot limo hire.

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