When choosing any cheap limo hire vehicle in our fleet, one of the most important things that has to be at the forefront of your cheap limousine hire itinerary is that the vehicle that you chose must have a fantastic ICE limo hire system in place. Now, this doesn’t mean that it has a system in place to dispense ice cubes to furnish your drinks with a cold temperature. Nor does it mean that it must play the albums of Vanilla Ice on a loop throughout your journey. I hope you don’t mind us having a joke with you, as we like to exercise the funny bone once in a while.

What we mean by ICE is the “In Car Entertainment” systems that we put in place on our vehicles. Depending what you specify and pay for with us at Lux Limo means that you get various parts of ICE limo hire to have with you on your journey wherever you are wishing to go. For instance, you may only want the audio system in place so that you can listen to music throughout your journey. This means, per your specification, we take out the TV and DVD screens that can go in the limo and just give you what you want to have.

Limousine ICE (In-Car Entertainment) Limo Hire

Perhaps you are hiring our pink Hummer limousines to go on a very long trip and listening to music endlessly for your journey just doesn’t cut it. Then don’t worry, we will take out the prestigious and unique audio system and just leave the DVD system and the myriad of plasma and LCD TV screens in there so you and the other passengers that are riding our limousines can watch some of the fantastic movies that you have brought along with you. This also serves as a great way to break up the relative boredom of a journey and may make your transition to your destination go along in no time.

However, maybe you just want to pay out for the ‘bare bones’. You aren’t a fan of entertainment in vehicles; you perhaps suffer from car sickness, so watching a film, although an attractive prospect would cause you to reintroduce yourself to your lunch, which of course we don’t want to happen to you and also sour your experience of our cheap limo hire. If this is so, we can remove the entertainment systems and just leave you with the plush leather seating for you to sit back and relax on.

We here at Lux Limo hire is a company that cares very much about our valued customers who book from us. We are here to show you whatever you require of us, we will endeavour to do because your customer satisfaction is also our desire. So please, by all means, pick up the phone and indulge yourself in some cheap limo hire and tell us what YOU want to have and we will be happy to oblige you wherever we can. Here at cheap limo hire, the home of quality.

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