In the lovely and picturesque corner of Surrey that is Chertsey resides one of the fastest growing adventure sites of the UK. With a rapid growth in attractions, Thorpe Park is quickly establishing and asserting itself as one of the main rivals to the magnificent Alton Towers limo hire and may even surpass and take its crown if it keeps expanding at the rate its going.

The history of the park is a varied and rich one. Back in 1979, the original plans for the site were to use the partially flooded gravel and turn it into one of the most predominant water parks in the country. In the coming years, that theme seemed to hold strong with water rides such as Thunder River and Loggers Leap (The largest flume ride in the UK) being one of the main attractions of the park coupled with the parks cinema, model railways and various assorted minor fairground type of attractions. It was only in 1996 when Thorpe Park limo hire seemed to pick up business with the innovation of the world’s first backwards, in-the-dark, roller coaster being opened named X:\ No Way Out.

It was only when the Tussauds group bought the park (who coincidently own Alton Towers) that plans were put in motion to make some serious business come to fruition in the park. With the establishment of some bigger and better rides, the rollercoaster Colossus opened in 2002 which boasted a record breaking 10 inversions to the track of the ride. This ride was quickly backed up with the volcano themed thrill ride Nemesis Inferno. Not wanting to stop there, the ride proudly opened one of the most prestigious rides in the country. The attraction, Stealth is capable of going from 0-80 mph in 2.3 seconds. Needless to say, the innovation of all these new rides beamed the park into the most popular attractions in the UK.

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