Limousine Hire are now taking bookings for all Racecourse in the UK. With a wide range of choice of our limousines available for you in Nottingham, why not hire a limousine that will be a one to remember? Lux Limos have a wide variety of Limousines for you to choose from, from our 8-16 seaters, even down to the colour you would most prefer. Have a fantastic day out with friends or make it a day to remember with your family, there's no doubting that a day at the races is the perfect day out for all ages. If you hire a limo jeep we will also provide you with a case of champagne and beer, after spending a day at the races, we will also provide you and your guests with fresh bottled water. So don't miss this chance to head out on a great, memorable day in style and in luxury.

Why not hire the 16 Seater Limo Jeep to take you and your guests on a exhilarating journey in one of the most classiest vehicles on the road. Nottingham Racecourse is set within 280 acres of Colwick park, just 2 miles from Nottingham city centre. Why not spend a night out on the town in Nottingham, we can arrange for a professional chauffeur to take you around the streets of Nottingham in the Pink Hummer Limousine, perfect for that ideal Hen night out. Visit the many clubs and bars that Nottingham have to offer, check out the latest music and meet exciting new people on your encounters. Why not be talk of the town in a Black Limousine Hire, whilst you sip on a glass of our finest bubbly available from our exclusive bar area.

Limo Hire Nottingham Racecourse

One of the most favourite, prestigious and thorough bred past times of the country is, without a doubt ‘the sport of kings’. Steeped in a vast and rich history, horse racing is as popular now than it was 50 years ago and beyond. What better way to enjoy this honourable and noble sport than by visiting one of the country’s most favourite racing grounds at Nottingham racecourse. Flat racing venue has been in operation, amazingly, since 1773.

The racecourse exists just two miles away from the city centre in the heart of the prestigious and ample spaced Colwick Park. One of the venues best draws is the various ‘Ladies Days’ that are run at numerous dates around the year. On these days, Nottingham is able to give even Royal Ascot limo hire run for their money in style, class and elegance. For example, in May, the celebrated Totesport Kilvington Ladies Day is held. On this day, there is a programme of seven fantastic and exclusive races for the day. If that wasn’t enough, there is a prize offered for the best dressed race-goer of a fantastic holiday of a lifetime worth £1000.

There is also the added attraction of being caught on camera whenever you visit a major racing day at Nottingham as the action is nearly always covered courtesy of the employees of Channel 4 Racing. You never know your luck and your family and friends can see you on national TV perhaps lurking in the background behind the iconic figure of racing pundit John McCririck.

Why not start the racing party early by sipping champagne and listening to your favourite music courtesy of our latest state-of-the-art stereo system in our white, pink and black Hummer limo hire and stretch limos hire and before you know it, you will be sipping champagne in the racing enclosure of one of the UKs leading racing venues.

You won’t be short for food and drink when you get there as Nottingham Racecourse limo hire offers a bevy of bars at your disposal. The Centenary Bar located on the Centenary Stand of the course offers their customers a birds-eye view of the racecourse so they can eat a vast array of hot and cold meals whilst cheering on the latest racing prospect. Frankie’s seafood and champagne bar provides just that; the bar offers the most exquisite mix of seafood available and couples it with a presentation of a vast selection of champagnes. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy then the racecourse limo hire welcomes you to visit Frankie’s Terrace which not only houses an exclusive Pimms bar, but also offers their customers a fantastic of the parade ring on selected meetings. The venue is also not below itself to offer a good, old-fashioned taste of home in GG’s Fish and Chips, offering all the culinary delights you’d find at your local.

Whatever you decide to see, bet on and eat at this fantastic and historic race course be rest assured that the fantastic service we offer at cheap limo hire will get you there and back in total safety, luxury and privacy.

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