Whether you live in a big city, such as Birmingham or London, or a smaller town like Leamington Spa or Milton Keynes, then you all know how to have a good time. From a quiet few drinks in a selection of local pubs, to delicious cocktails and shooters in a top bar, and finishing at a night club for some great music and wild dancing, there are loads of different ways to enjoy a night out.

The only problem is that, over time, this can get quite boring. You go to the same venues at the same times, see the same people and drink the same drinks. You probably even hear the same songs played over and over again. It's a disaster! The excitement and freshness of nights out in your home town or city centre is quickly diminishing and, while they're great, weekends away at somewhere near are rare treats.

The solution? A stretch limousine from Lux Limo! We've got a great selection of party limousines that are just perfect for spicing up your nights out, so let us (the limousine experts inject some excitement into your weekend plans and provide you with such a superb start to your evening that you'll never forget it.

All our limos are fitted out with the latest and greatest on-board entertainment, and come with lashings of complimentary bubbly on ice ready chilled in the on board champagne bar – a standard in all of our vehicles. Sounds great already, doesn't it? Well let us tantalise you even more with some of the great choices of limousine.

The biggest, best and most popular limo for a night out (and easily the most perfect suited to the job) is the party bus limo - nicknamed "The Night Club On Wheels", so you know it's going to be nothing short of perfect for adding spice to your night.

It comes complete with a full dance floor, plenty of room to get up an move around, a dancing pole, a disco laser light setup, a full champagne bar (to keep that free bubbly nice and chilled), luxury leather seats for all 15 passengers and even flatscreen TVs. The powerful sound system, with big sub woofer speakers, will provide you with a true night club atmosphere, and you can either choose from a range of CDs from us or pick your own. There's even an MP3 player and iPod connection so you can hook up your entire music library for the ultimate party playlist.

So if you want to hire the party bus limo to really add some once-in-a-lifetime excitement to your night out, the call Lux Limo today on 0800 002 9475 or email us at info@lux-limo.co.uk for your totally free quote!

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