Take a trip to the cinema in extreme style and luxury, you'll be driven around in one of our stunning Limousines before being taken to the movies in the ultimate way. Fancy seeing the latest Samuel L Jackson movie out down your local cinema? Then choose our superb 16 Seater Hummer Limo to arrive there like no-one else! Arrive at your nearest Cineworld like a 007 agent with our black limousine to check out the new James Bond film. There's plenty of outstanding films to choose from as well as our fantastic choice of Limousines to make the most of your trip to the pics. The movie-world never stops producing quality films, delivering hard-hitting movies from every genre. With Horror Movies becoming widely popular around the UK, noticeably the 'Saw' franchise, take your time out to experience a real thrill and jump out of your seat. There's nothing like a good, old comedy and even better if it's British so head down to your local cinema and have an old fashioned laugh with Lux Limo. Prepare to be entertained by America's finest comedians with a bunch of films that are guaranteed to make you laugh till you drop, head down and watch the long-awaited 'Tropic Thunder' starring Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr, or for those of you with a more direct sense of humor, stroll down to watch the hilarious 'Pineapple Express' from the makers of 'Superbad' and 'Knocked Up'. The Independent film genre is still a huge profitable and artistic industry, with many foreign and British film directors producing excellent and moving films that are bound to touch you. Whatever movie your into, your local cinema will cater for your every need, so when it comes to travel, why should we be any different?

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