When you are a little child you are surrounded a vast collection of soft toys, cars, model railways, dolls, imitation kitchens and any other types of models you can think of. But if you were to take a survey out of a hundred people of what type of toys were an essential part of their toy collection when they were growing up and thus provided them with the building blocks that helped the learn, flourish and grow it would be Lego. On the other hand if you have taken this marvellous invention with you into your teenage and adult years with you, your favourite pastime may very well constructing intricate and vivid designs on all shapes and sizes solely using these innovative self-connecting Lego blocks.

Well, how about giving your hands a rest, or indeed relive the wonder of childhood by going to visit the wonderful and amazing world where limo hire Lego building is at the centrepiece and the very heart of attraction. If this sounds like your ‘cup of tea’ then make no hesitation in booking a visit to the magical and wonderful Legoland Windsor limo hire. It is perfect for the purist, the retrospectives and to take the little ones on a day too. And what better way to relive the good old days of having little to worry about but your homework then by hiring a black limousine hire to take you and a selection of loved ones and friends to experience the magnificence for yourself.

Limo Hire Lego Land

Opening back in 1996, Legoland Windsor limo hire became the second such attraction to open in the world, the first being in Germany. Once you arrive at limo hire Legoland Windsor you have a choice of activities that you may wish to pursue throughout your visit there. There is a vast selection of Lego themed rides, Lego building activity workshops and model/model city for you to cast your eyes on and look about in aesthetic amazement. It has become so popular in its short life that in 2007 it attracted 1.65 million visitors making it the third most visited theme park in the UK of that year, coming up just short behind Thorpe Park and Alton Towers.

Among the places to see at your disposal is such attraction as Duplo land; where the really little ones can go an experience a fairytale atmosphere courtesy of water slides, Duplo play areas, a crazy golf course and the famous Duplo train. Miniland is home to small scale structures of different cities and parks from throughout the world. There is an estimate 40 million Lego bricks that go into building each one of the structures that you see so you can appreciate the sheer amount of work, engineering and ingenuity that has gone into making you visit to the theme park a memorable one.

One thing we can promise is that we will make you day just that extra bit special by taking you there by one of our fantastic hire limos. Furthermore, we promise that it isn’t made out of Lego and won’t break apart on the way.

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