They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. However the same could be said of chocolate. Well, chocolate can be everyone’s best friend and what better way to indulge yourself in the most sweetest of foods than by visiting Cadbury’s world in Birmingham, right at the heart of the Midlands, slap bang in the middle of England.

Since the opening of the attraction back in 1990, the park has seen many additions to its multiple attractions. The park boasts many wondrous attractions that are sure to enchant any lover of the cocoa concoction that has been a long standing stipend of the United Kingdom’s sweet industry. First of all, there is the Cadbury exhibition itself where the visitor is treated to a fantastic insight into the rich and varied history of the chocolate industry and its importance in the industry infrastructure of the UK as a whole. The exhibition walk is approximately timed at one and three quarter hours, so as a visitor you know you are receiving the utmost in value for money.

The way that the tour is put together is also very unique. Don’t expect to be lead around in a relatively boring manner like herds of cattle. From the moment you embark on the tour you are thrown into an Aztec style environment complete with waterfalls and boardwalks used as a visual aid for the people of Cadbury limo hire to show the vivid history of chocolate and accentuate the points that they are making. Almost as soon as you acclimatise yourself to this ancient environment you find yourself embroiled and involved in a mock Victorian street which will make you think you have stepped into some weird wonderful chocolate run time machine. It is here when you will be given more of an insight of the history of Cadbury limo hire as a company and you will be treated to the various histories and the story of how it arose to the major brand that it is today.

Cadbury's World  Limo Hire.

Undoubtedly one of the weirdest and to that extent best experience you will witness on the day is available in the Purple Planet area of the exhibition. Here, guests are invited to grow their own virtual cocoa beans, chase those elusive and naughty crème eggs around an interactive floor and get the fantastic opportunity to shower themselves in chocolate rain.

For the more retrospective of guests, they are invited to the nearly open Bourneville experience. Here visitors are treated the wholesome history of this Cadbury product and are also offered the opportunity to interactively create their own packaging for a Cadbury product and are able to see actual product be transported along in machines to be ready packed for distribution around the country.

Whatever you do, see and indeed feel on your day at Cadbury limo hire world be sure that indulging yourself in hiring a black limousine hire to take you there and back will transfer this day out into one of the best you’ll experience for a while.

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