Without a doubt, one of the main symbols that exist in England that shine out as an example of this country’s great history and rich sovereignty in the official residence of Her Royal Highness, The Queen of England. This is of course the truly spectacular and magnificent Buckingham Palace which is situated in the heart of the City of Westminster, London.

The palace itself originates from the 1700s when it was built for the Duke of Buckingham and not the reigning royals. Back then it was simply known Buckingham House limo hire until it was officially acquired by George the Third in 1776. It only became the official residence for the monarch on the accession of Queen Victoria who back the first to live there as the previous ruler had died before the palace was finished to completion.

One of the most well known and iconic parts of the design of the palace is ‘The Mall’ and is mainly used for publicity for the Royal family. This part of the palace also contains the balcony on which the Royals come out and greet the throng of well wishers, tourists and general public who have assembled outside. The most vivid memory of The Mall to date is when an estimated one million people gathered alongside the roads to catch a glimpse of the Queen who was busily celebrated her Golden Jubilee of her accession to the throne.

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Buckingham Palace Limo Hire

Allow yourself to take in the wondrous sights and architecture that await you in your visitation to the palace. For instance, at the rear of the building there are the truly unbelievable Palace gardens adorned with the most vivid colours and prestigious of designs and landscaping. The garden itself was originally conceived by the genius-like mind of Capability Brown and has since thrived and gone on from strength to strength with every passing landscape artist that works on the grounds.

There are a countless of rooms inside of the palace open for the palace including the Queen’s gallery limo hire, an art gallery displaying a rich selection of art from the Royals private collection. In here you will be treated to works from such greats as; Rembrandt, Van Dyke, Rubens and Vermeer. Whatever your taste is in art you can’t help but have your breath taken away.

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