The world famous and renowned Alton Towers Theme Park has, for a long time, been a stipend and fixed point on the landscape of the entertainment map of the UK. Offering the very best in thrill-seeking, adrenaline pumping rides in the country, the Theme park is able to firmly boast up to 3.5 million visitors per year. Based in Staffordshire on the semi-gothic ruins of a stately home, Alton Towers has grown at an incredibly fast rate since its conception and opening in 1980. Back then the park was only running the Corkscrew rollercoaster and the pirate ship.

Now, in 2009, Alton Towers limo hire can claim to have one of the most extensive ranges of entertainment and business accommodating services in the country. Not only do you have the myriad of rides held within the park itself, there have also been a couple of hotels built on the grounds adjacent to park itself. The Alton Towers Hotel, opened in 1996, offers a wide array of themed rooms and has an incredible ‘ship’ centrepiece which all the bars and restaurants are situated around and which acts as the entertainment for the guests in the evening. The other hotel is named Splash Landings; this is due to the fact that it boasts a huge Caribbean-themed water park. This hotel has only recently been open, back in 2003, and apart from its centrepiece being the water park, there is also the famous Flambo’s Exotic Feast restaurant which offers a variety of roast dinners as well as an eye-catching chocolate fountain that allows any hotel-goers to indulge their sweet tooth.

If you are planning a surprise for man who clearly likes all the ‘boys toys’ that are available to him like computers, cars, paintballing, generally being a bit of an action man, then you can’t go wrong then by booking a surprise 16-seater Limo Jeep full of various mod cons to really ‘wow’ him and impress his mates. Imagine the look on his face as he is met with the cutting-edge interior features that are included in every one of our entire limousine fleet. Whether he is an Eminem or Enya fan we will be happy to facilitate his musical needs via our prestigious, top-of-the-line audio systems that blast out a sound quality that needs to be heard to be believed. Get him to bring along his favourite film or music DVD and we will be more than happy to stick it on our DVD player so it can be broadcast on the multiple high-definition plasma screen televisions located throughout the limousine.

Alton Towers

Why not indulge yourself a bit further by hiring a black, white or pink stretch limo hire or Hummer limo hire to whisk you and your family, perhaps extended family in a manner befitting such an excellent and prestigious entertainment venue that is etched on the history and the horizons of England’s landscape. Take full advantage of the perks that you receive when allowing yourself to hire a limo to take you to Alton Towers, such as Champagne, the fantastic sound system to play all of your tunes as you make your way thee or bring along your favourite DVD to watch on the multiple plasma screens contained within.

The rides inside the main theme park itself are very diverse. They offer something for everyone whether you have a group of children in your group of people, or a throng of university undergraduate adrenaline junkies raring to go on the biggest, fastest and scariest rides available. In the Forbidden Valley section of the park you are beckoned to go on attractions such as Air, that lays you in a prone position to give the rider a feel of flying around the rollercoaster narrowly missing the tunnels and obstacles scattered around the track. This section also contains the legendary Nemesis that throttles you around the many loops and corkscrews of its twisted structure. Whatever your pleasure in what you ride, be sure that if you hire a limousine for your journey you will have one of most fun-filled days of your life.

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