If there's one thing that makes organising a party, special occasion, wedding or other important event that bit more difficult, it's getting hold of all the company's you need to sort out bookings for various services. Caterers, florists, restaurants and venues can all be hard to sort out, especially with your busy schedule of work, social and family life in Cambridge. All of these places have opening hours with staff who eventually clock off and go home, leaving you with tight windows with which to get your event in Cambridge sorted.

Well, that preconception is all about to change here at Lux Limo, thanks to our Cambridge limo hire 24 hour services! For your convenience, peace of mind and flexibility, we have opened our hotlines for cheap limo hire in Cambridge round the clock; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This means that whenever you want to call to arrange your fantastic limo in Cambridge (perhaps a pink Hummer limo for a hen night party, or a white stretched Lincoln limo for your wedding) then it's totally up to you. If you finish work at an awkward time of day or night then feel free to call us, and one of our dedicated team of limousine experts will gladly help you organise a cheap Cambridge limo hire package to suit your needs, requirements and (most importantly) your budget.

Here at Lux Limo we have a great range of limousines suitable for a whole host of occasions, party sizes and wallet sizes, so everyone can experience the luxury of our limos and prestige cars in Cambridge.

The best part about our 24 hour Cambridge limo hire services is that this also extends to after you've made your booking, and are expecting your limousine to arrive. Let's say you've gone on a night out in Cambridge to let your hair down with some friends. You had your sleek black Hummer limo in Cambridge drop you off around 9pm, and have booked it to pick you up around 2am. But disaster! You've partied too hard too soon, and are starting to lag around midnight – you sure wish that limo could pick you up at 1am instead. Well, thanks to our 24 hour phone services, it can!

To arrange your limo in Cambridge, or to amend your details of an existing booking, call us any time of day or night, 24/7, here at Lux Limo on 0800 002 9475.

Cambridge 24 Hour Limo Hire On 0800 002 9475