Imagine this scenario, you school life at St. Crispin’s Secondary school is coming to an end. Before soon you will have to tearfully say goodbye to many of your school friend’s that you may never see again due to them moving on to pastures new, or you having to move on to another college or perhaps having to move out of Leicester altogether. Whatever is happening, it can turn into a massive sombre fest. But we here at Lux Limo don’t want that to happen to you. This is a night for you and your mates to celebrate the hard work that you have undertaken for the past five years. It is you chance to shine and show your school what you have got, one final time. At your Leicester school prom limo hire

So what do you think is the best way to award you and your closest group of Leicester friends for putting up with school and each other for so many years. Well, we here at Leicester school prom limo hire have an excellent selection that you may want to convince your collective group of parents of immediately. The clue is our company name, so you may have already guess what we are about to offer to you, but we shall tell you anyway. How about seeing you and your school friend, all dressed up to the nines in your prom suits and dresses, cruising your way to where the prom is being, held, in the back of one of our phenomenal pink, white or black 8-seater limousines hire. Not enough for you eh? Ok, how about we offer you a 35ft Limo Jeep that is able to fit in 16 of your closest buddies inside? We see that’s got your attention.

Leicester School Prom Limo Hire

The premise is simple, you book us, and in turn we treat you just like any of our valued customers from Leicester and endeavour to give you the best night possible via the use of our expertly chauffeured limousine hire vehicles. But enough about that, you wish to know that goodies are available to you inside our amazing limo hire vehicle fleet.

Well, on your embarkation to the limousine you can immediately pour yourselves some healthy amounts of alcohol free champagne to get you in that part mood for your Leicester school prom limo hire. Then, why not put on your favourite tunes via our phenomenal audio system that blasts out your favourite tunes in the most clear and amazing fashion; Bond with your friends as you chat and blissfully relax in our plush leather seats. Furthermore, why not just all huddle together, stick on a DVD and watch your favourite comedy movie as you start your tour around your fair and noble city. We can assure you that your limousine hire experience will serve accentuate the high emotions that you experience at your Leicester school prom.

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