Disregard any bad thing, if any, that you may have heard about Leicester. We here at Lux Limo hire are here to tell you that this city boasts some of the most fantastic entertainment venues to you in the Midlands. Ok, it might not be on the grander scale like Birmingham, but it is a much smaller city for one and secondly, who wants to negotiate their way around the myriad of streets that twist, turn and tangle their way through Birmingham limo hire. No, Leicester is definitely a fantastic night out, offering more than a handful of nightclubs to keep even the most party hungry patron happy.

Why not make you way to Leicester?s very own branch of Liquid where you can party the night away on the three floors, each serving you with a different genre of music. The top floor usually deals out the rock and indie tunes to keep the rockstar in you happy and sated. The middle floor serves to abate the cheesy lover of guilty pleasure music, usually by playing some of the cult hits from the 80s and early nineties, and it the hot and smouldering ground floor of the nightclub limo hire you and Leicester?s finest can get your grove on to the latest sensual R&B tracks whose soulful sound wistfully pervades the air.

Leicester Nightclub Limo Hire

Perhaps you want to visit a nightclub which is on a smaller scale but just packs the same amount of punch and doesn?t lack any of the heart. If this is the case then please, with all due haste, make your way to the Manilla club which you will find right at the epicentre of Leicester city centre limo hire ready to please and appease you with their excellent quality. There are two main bars for you to peruse. The main area will serve the vast majority of the clientele of Leicester for the evening; however, if you have managed to wangle your way into the VIP area of the club you can experience what it is like to be a Leicester VIP with your own private bar serving you all the amounts of champagne and cocktails that you can manage to consume.

There is another way to feel like a Leicester VIP or celebrity when you step into a nightclub. This is by coming to us at Leicester nightclub limo hire and indulging you and your friends a cheap limo hire cruise for the evening in one of our hire limousines. Imagine rolling up outside the front doors of Manilla in one of our black Hummer limos hire, for our chauffeurs to get out and open the doors and for you lot to step out like the firm VIPs you are. If this sounds like the kind of thing you want to enjoy on your limo hire experience then please, book with us today.

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