Please note no lap dance is in the limos. You can get pick up drive around and we wil drop you off at the club for lap dance.

Is that a Limousine in your pocket or are you just pleased to see us? Ok, please take this cheesy repost with a pinch of salt but it goes a lot of the way to illustrate a certain service we offer on some of our Hummer limousines and USA Stretch Party Buses limo hire.

Now, we all know that one of the main destinations on male birthday or, especially a Stag Evening limo hire,is a visit to one of the towns more, let’s just say ‘exotic’ environments, and enjoying an atmosphere of good drinks, good music and of course voluptuous ladies tempting and tantalising you with their sumptuous bodies and wicked movements. Now one of the main hang ups in here is that one, it is taboo to one’s valour and reputation to be seen entering such an establishment and two, at times the environment can be seen as too impersonal.

Lap Dance Limo Hire

This is where we at lap dancing limo hire come on. Because of our fantastic package deal with the lap dancing companies we can offer discreet and phenomenal lap dances for you and your party in the comfort. Why should you choose this option? Well, for one you can take advantage of the champagne we provide for you encased in buckets of ice. Secondly, why not give your ear drums a real treat by putting on your favourite music and having it delivered you in the most optimum and highest quality via the phenomenal speak system.

Whatever you decide to do, make us your first port of call here at lap dancing limo hire, where discretion and excellent service is promised and assured. Limo Hire will drop of you to the lapdance club in town and no dancing is in the limos.

Lap Dance Limo Hire On 0800 002 9475