Now depending what age you are, you can’t fail to remember a certain game show of sorts that beamed into your front rooms on a lovely sunny afternoon that consisted of men and woman throwing all of their pride and principles asunder, donning a huge foam costume of sorts and busily tried to traverse a seemingly impossible course of ramps, bumps and water traps. The show in question was, of course, It’s A Knockout; they say if you listen carefully at night, you can still hear the hysterical chortle of Stuart Hall’s laughter drifting across the air. The show found a revival in 1999 presented by Keith Chegwin but never quite recaptured the magic of the early years.

However, thanks to the ever growing and thriving leisure industry, we here at Lux Limo advise you to hurriedly chalk in a certain activity to your Hen Night itinerary to really set this weekend apart from anything else you have ever done and are ever likely to do. We are suggesting that you go to one of the many venues who now possess their own custom built ‘Knockout’ courses and really try and recapture the magic of your childhood by taking on your girlies in a take-no-prisoners course of obstacles. For many of your friends, it will be like fulfilling a fantasy that they had in their youth and one they thought they would never achieve (actually being a participant in It’s A Knockout) but now, thanks to your fastidious and excellent planning, you can definitely inject a rather large helping of entertainment into the mix.

Limo Hire knock Out

You can do so much with this activity including setting little bets and wagers with one another. You can have a bottle of champagne or vodka for the girl who kicks the most butt in the competition, a prize for the woman who is wearing the most ridiculous foam outfit on the day and also provide party penalties for later in the evening to the girls who are truly atrocious and who don’t capture the spirit of It’s A Knockout limo hire.

Now we have got that sorted, how about we offer you some fantastic limousines at ‘knockout’ prices too? How about booking one of our hot pink 35ft Limo jeeps to take you to and fro from each activity that you may be indulging yourself in on your Hen Weekend in a very safe and secure way and a manner that is befitting of the true VIPs you all are. It will give you a chance to chill out. Have a glass of champagne or two, and then let you proceed to cry with laughter as you recount all the tales that you have gathered on the day. Fancy something smaller? We, of course, have a black, white or baby pink limousine to professionally and proficiently transport you to wherever you want to go.

So what are you waiting for? Do something really special and recapture your youth on you Hen night and let Lux Limo be there to help you do it.

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