When we are growing up we experience some of the most cherished and free times that life has to offer. As children, we don’t have the shackles and constraints of finding and keeping down a job. We have no taxes to pay; our meals are served up for us each and every day without leaving us wanting for anything. Additionally, come every birthday and Christmas time, you can be sure that you would have been lavished with gifts from your closest loved ones and even found a couple of quid tucked away in a card sent from your one of your many distant aunts and uncles.

Well, you have grown into fine and upstanding men and women in the world, got married and have had children yourself and are busy raising them in that very special and excellent way that shows in their school reports and the way their friends and friends’ parents talk about them and you. So what better way to make your little one feel like one of the best kids in the world when you surprise them and their school friends by arranging for them to be taken about in a stretch limousine, a black Hummer limo or even one of our luxurious Party Buses where you and the children can actually stand up and dance in. Imagine the look of surprise couple with a touch of envy as your child turns up to school in the privacy of an 8-seater black, white or pink stretch limousine that you have hired here from Lux Limos. It will make your child feel like a million pounds, do wonders for their street-cred and popularity at school and make them praise you from now until they are least 27.

Kids Limousine Hire Services

As you know, the planning shouldn’t all be about booking a fantastic limousine or Hummer limo with the fantastic service we provide. Granted, the transport we provide should be high on the list of birthday priorities but there are also other things to think about. Depending on the age of your child should vastly vary the type of party you go with. If you have a little girl of say, 8 years of age, she is more inclined to ride in a hot pink limousine with her friends just like Barbie does and will probably be pleased with a cruise around town followed by a meal in a lovely restaurant. However, when your kids reach that golden age of their teens, as you know, you become harder to please, even with a great limousine experience.

Here it is essential that you consult them about the type of birthday they want because if you don’t, you are destined for failure. Most teens enjoy the thrill of the limousine ride but will probably want to follow it up with a party with more of a rock/rave feel to it. So be prepared to have one messy venue at the end of the night. Whatever you decide to plan, be rest assured that you receive optimum quality of service from us and will not be let down on this important day.

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