There is at least one place in our country where I know the kids enjoy partying just as much as the members of staff here at cheap limousine hire do. We know this place to be Kettering and it is where you have spent, at least, the last 5 years of your life working the hardest that you possibly can to try and obtain good GCSEs at the end of it all to make it all worthwhile. Well, you haven’t disappointed and have certainly made all that know and love you proud with the way you performed in your exams. If you didn’t know it, now is the time to be patted on the back for all your achievements. Now is the time for your school prom.

So with that is mind, we here at Kettering school prom limousine hire would like to add our two pennies worth to the whole occasion just to make things got that little bit sweeter. We know that you are looking forward to your school prom with great aplomb though have perhaps held back a bit. This is because you are erring a bit at it all due to you not liking the thought of leaving a lot of your friends behind. They, like you, are moving on to new and better things so contact with them may be sparse if non-existent.

Kettering School Prom Limo Hire

So we at Kettering school prom limo hire urge you to make the most of time you have got left together by cruising to your school prom in a cheap limousine hire vehicle lovingly provided by us. Just envisage 16 of you being raucous and wild in the back of an exquisite black Hummer limo hire car. Yes, we do have these behemoths at our exposal including the hot pink Hummer limousine hire car too. Perhaps you would like something a touch bigger and a little more unique. If this is the case then the Party Bus limo hire car is for you. Again, this cheap limo hire vehicle holds 16 people inside its vast interior and it has the unique aspect of you being able to stand up and dance inside of it; interested? Finally, for all you crazy party girls out there, we are sure you’d be satisfied by the baby pink Fire Engine limo hire vehicle we have ready and waiting for you to be delivered to your school prom in style.

All of our cheap limo hire comes chauffeur driven with all mod cons and complimentary alcohol free bubbly on the go. So make the smart choice for your event by choosing Kettering school prom limo hire.

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