Every time a birthday comes round for someone you know, whether it be a loved one or a friend in Kettering, you are constantly coming up with no ideas of what to give them as gifts through each and ever year you come to. What do you get for someone who seemingly has all the latest gadgets and such anyway. Well you will be happy to know that Kettering birthday limousine hire have come up trumps again and have the perfect idea to make their particular birthday go swimmingly.

You can do this by grouping together with others to give them an experience that they may never have had before but one that they are likely to never forget; a cheap limousine hire experience. How can a bottle of designer perfume compare to being taken on a champagne fuelled tour of Kettering nestled inside the safety and privacy of a black Hummer limo hire car or a pink Jeep limo hire vehicle. It really is a no-brainer as the birthday boy or girl will be clearly bowled over by this prospect. We think, however, that you should keep this particular gift a secret until the man or lady of the hour sees that hot pink Hummer limousine drift awesomely down their street and stop right outside their front door.

Kettering Birthday Limo Hire

Once inside our black Jeep limousine hire car in Kettering, the birthday celebrations can get well underway as the ice cold bubbly can get cracked open. However, don’t worry about being charged for it, it has been provided by us complimentarily just to say thank you for using our Kettering birthday limousine hire service and it can be a personal present to the birthday boy or girl from our pleasant members of staff.

After you have had your fill of an hour long cruise around Kettering in our wonderful Hummer limo hire vehicle, we can drop you off at any pub or restaurant where there has been a meal or party booked to carry on the festivities. However, you may all just want to head straight into town and into such venues as Club Rehab to really get the party moving on in the best possible way.

However, if it is an extra special party like a 21st, 18th or ‘sweet sixteen’ we recommend a prestige limo hire car such as a Rolls Royce Phantom limo hire or Lamborghini limo hire car to really make the event stand out and give the person whose birthday it is a real treat for the ages. It just makes sense and is the best present you could ever have got them. So do the right thing and book our Kettering birthday limo hire service today for no regrets.

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