The advent of Karaoke singing, and karaoke clubs have long been a staple on the entertainment menu of pubs and clubs all over the country. The idea and notion of karaoke performing was surprising born out of Japan during the 1970s where popular entertainer and drummer Daisuke Inoue was often asked by the customers whose dinners he performed at where they could get recordings of his music so they could sing along to it themselves. The proverbial light bulb went off in Inoue’s head and he leased out the first kind of karaoke machines to bars and restaurants that would play his songs for the cost of 100 yen per track.

Needless to say, the fashion swept from Japan to all across the western world where every country that you visit now will have hundreds of such establishments just waiting to give the good, the bad and the plain awful singers in the general public an opportunity to try and emulate their favourite singers by singing and often misreading the lyrics to the levity of their friends and onlookers.

Karaoke Limousine Hire

However, if you are microphone shy, don’t want to embarrass yourself but still want to conduct a little bit of karaoke limo hire, then can we suggest that you take advantage of one of our excellent packages. Imagine if you will the sheer luxury and experience of cruising around your favourite town or city in the back of one of our pink, white or black stretch limousines hire, or our mammoth 16-seater limo jeeps, blissfully sipping at champagne and singing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ along with your closest friends and family.

Well now, courtesy of our fantastic facilities within all our limo hire fleet you can do just that. Just tell us what kind of music you would like to sing to and we will provide the microphone and CD containing the often much needed lyrics. Hearing a mix of your voice and the backing track coming at you through the sheer quality of our speaker system is something that has to be heard to be believed. How will you be able to see the lyrics? I hear you all shout. Well, don’t worry at all because we here at cheap limo hire have got that covered as well; this is because you and your friends can make use of the myriad of plasma screen televisions showing the backing video and lyrics in high definition to be enjoyed by the whole gang of friends travelling with you.

Singing karaoke limo hire relieves some much needed stress and promotes much need levity that is needed after a week at work and is great entertainment to set you and your friends out for a night out on the town, well at least your voices will be warmed up to sing at the top of your lungs to the classics they play on the nightclub DJ set.

Whatever you decide to do make the right choice by choosing karaoke limo hire where an excellent quality of service is guaranteed and luxury is paramount to you.

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