For a few weeks, months or years now you have had a special man by your side. A man whose eyes you looked into on one of the most special days of your life and promised to him that your love and devotion to him would be strong and forever true. Then sealing the deal with the most extraordinary of kisses, you became man and wife and have been blissfully living as such ever since. Your husband has the ability to make you laugh, make you happy, make you feel all the good things that there is to possibly imagine. He is a man that when you look at him you realise why he is the one whom you have solemnly pledged your love and life too.

So, how do you think you can go about treating your husband to one of the best birthdays that he is sure to have ever had had. Well, permit us to advise you to pick up the phone, post haste and readily hire a limousine from us here at Lux Limos. Give the man of your dreams a birthday he won’t forget by compounding any plans that you may have for him with the experience of riding in a limousine. Furthermore, we haven’t just got your conventional limos, oh no, at Lux Limos we have a limousine fleet for you to choose from of a style that is sure to accentuate your day and really represent your husband’s personality.

Husband Limo Hire

Imagine surprising him on his birthday by opening the curtains to reveal one of our beautiful 35ft long Limo Jeeps growling away in all its attractive glory. Watch your husband approach the vehicle with a mixture of shock, wide-eyed wonder and that knowing grin that shows you that you have just made his year, or even decade. Watch his excitement increase as he steps into the vehicle and start experimenting with the all the mod cons we have throughout each and every one of our vehicles. Then calmly hand him a glass of champagne or beer, it’s completely up to you as we’re supplying it, and watch him melt into the plush leather seats.

Now you have got the transport sorted it is time to decide just which places to take him for his birthday treat. If your man is a lover of the ‘sport of kings’ then why not arrange a day out of one of the many racecourses that are available in the Midlands such as Towcester and Nottingham limo hire. If he is golf crazy then why not arrange a day out for him at one of the most prestigious courses in the midlands and one that he thought he would never been able to have played at. If he is a ‘football nutter’ then buy tickets for a cup final or just a simple home game for his club team or even better, an England game so he can cheer us on. Whatever you decide to do, please let us endeavour to take you there in the best possible fashion courtesy of the staff here at cheap limo hire.

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