Are you looking for that driving experience with just that bit extra spice and intrigue? Are you booking a Stag weekend and have been negotiating what to do with the boys and come up with few ideas? Have you floated the idea of off-roading to the groom-to-be only to be met with the answer “What’s so special about driving?”? Well maybe it is time Lux Limo stepped in and asserted itself as your valuable friend in this matter by advising you on an excellent activity that is sure to add that touch of originality to any of the plans that you may have on the drawing board for the ‘last night’s of freedom’ for one of your best and closest friends.

So, your hapless Stag limo hire doesn’t like the idea of scooting about a course on wheels does he? Then how does floating around on a huge pocket of air grab him? Ah, now you have got both his and your fellow Stag party’s attention and they are firmly hanging on your every word as you reveal to them where you are to go on one of the days of the big Stag weekend extravaganza; and that is foraying into the world of hovercrafts limo hire.

Limo Hire Hovercraft

Yes, you have read correctly, thanks to those lovely people who run these fantastic off-road adventure venues, you can experience the high octane, thrill-seeking, white-knuckle experience of racing a huge hovercraft around a field. You can ride to a set course of even race against your fellow stags to discern who the best rider out of you all is. With bragging rights come prizes and you can give out bottles of booze to the Stag that comes out on top, has the most amazing crash out, shows off their excellent driving skills and any other points of note that you can think of. However, don’t be too hasty to forget the bad points as the Stags who let the team down by driving like their grandmothers should be duly punished and reprimanded by a series of pre-thought out forfeits and penalties. With this extra factors throw into your day you can help but be whipped up in a world of excitement and thrills and it will be sure to sate the appetite of even the most vociferous of adrenaline junkies in your group.

Additionally, may we also suggest an extra treat for your chief Stag, one that will serve to get him around everywhere and plaster a huge grin on his face even before you have stepped foot inside a hovercraft, and that is by coming to us and indulging yourself in Hummer limo hire. Think about it, turning up at the venue like a team of celebrity footballers, making use of the myriad of mod-cons contained within all of our limousine fleet, ready to take on the world. The class and prestige of our limousines will put the cherry on top of all the proceedings of your stag do and give your mate the honour of a limo hire he deserves. So, do yourself an indulgence and ride with cheap limo hire.

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